Glen Coe Skyline Race – a bit more

I just re read my mates account of the Glencoe Skyline race and this really stood out to me and gives an idea of the true calibre of many who compete in these races. Thiss paragraph when he was on the grade 2 traverse of Aonach Eagach,  Mark Hartree writes

“The technical ridge gave me the chance for a few more specs to be nipped past.  My past experience from the MRT and teaching climbing came in handy when I came across another racer somewhat stranded on the edge of sheer drop on the Aonach Eagach.  He was well stuck so I took the time to coax him to turn around and face inwards then gave him a lesson in down climbing.  My good turn for the day probably saved some serious consequences.  Alan caught up with me, but I got away and overtook another four by Am Bodach.  Happy-happy days.”

See yesterdays blog for the complete article.

Curved Ridge bottleneck - photo by Mark Hartree.

Curved Ridge bottleneck – photo by Mark Hartree. An incredible photo.


This article on UKC  is another great read.

Glen Coe Skyline Race Exceeds  Expectations

by Dan Bailey – 23/Aug/2015
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“Saturday’s inaugural Salomon Glen Coe Skyline race went down a storm with competitors and the many spectators who came to offer support. Despite misgivings from some quaters the event ran smoothly. Taking in every mountain around the rim of Glen Coe, including the steep grade 3 scramble of Curved Ridge and the long, involved grade 2 traverse of Aonach Eagach, the race has brought Skyrunning to the UK for the first time. Fusing mountain running with hands-on scrambling, unroped, it carried a real element of risk besides physical challenge.”

There are some great photos on the Aonach Eagach and the article includes and interview with the organisers, who must be pleased that all went well?






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