Top Mountaineering Books – Any favourites?

Top Mountaineering books?

Top Mountaineering books?

I have tried recently to cut down my Mountain Library unfortunately there was no chance of that happening. Recently I have bought more books: The Adventure Game – Keith Partridge. The Corbett Round – M. Gorman.  In Some Lost Place S. Allan. Higher Ground – Martin Moran . I am still buying and enjoying books so much for downsizing?

Hamish Mountain Walk photo

Hamish Mountain Walk – a great book for its time -inspirational


My favourite books are: My nearly complete set of the SMC Journals great read and so much information. The SMC District guides another mine of information how many even know of their existence? Many of my climbing guides with routes and dates marked in them all over the UK. My old Munros Tables marked with early dates and the odd note – “grumpy keeper, etc ” These are so dear to me . so many stories and adventures. One Man’s Mountains – Tom Patey. The Cuillin – Gordon Stainworth. Savage Arena/ Sacred Summits/ Shinning Mountain – Pete Boardman. The Eiger Wall of Death – Roth.

Two Star Red the story of RAF MR

Two Star Red the story of RAF MR

Undiscovered Scotland – W.H.Murray, Call- out – Hamish McInnes, Two Star Red / Space below my feet – Gwen Moffat, Classic Rock/ Cold Climbs – Ken Wilson, The Munros/Corbetts – SMC, Hamish Mountain Walk – Hamish Brown. Always a Little Further” by Alistair Borthwick, Ben Nevis –  K. Crocket/ S.Richardson. No Tigers in the Hindu Kush. – P Tranter.

One of my favourite books

One of my favourite books

Mountaincraft & Leadership Eric Langmuir
The Handbook Of Climbing Allen Fyffe &Ian Peter
Everest The Cruel Way Joe Tasker
Long Days On the Hills A H Griffin
Feeding The Rat Al Alvarez
Snow & Ice Climbing John Barry
Ice World Jeff Lowe
Seven Years In Tibet Heinrich Harrier
Medicine For Mountaineering James A. Wilkinson
Ski  Mountaineering Peter Cliff.
A High & Lonely Place Jim Crumley
Hands Of a Climber Steve Dean
50 years of Alpinism Cassin
Famous Climbers in Canada Phil  Dowling
The White Line Andy Cave
Tales from the Steep John Long
The Shishapanga Expedition Doug Scott  Alex Mac Intyre
Touching The Void Joe Simpson
The Beckoning Silence Joe Simpson
This Game Of Ghosts Joe Simpson
The Book of the Climbing Year Cameron Mc Neish
Camera on the Crag Alan Hankinson
Great Climbs Chris Bonnington
 Mountaineer Chris Bonnington
Beyond The Vertical Lyaton Kor Signed
Trango Nameless Tower Leo Dickenson
Trango The Nameless Tower Jim Curran
Filming The Possible Leo Dickenson
Anything is Possible Leo Dickenson
Hell of a Journey Mike Cawthorne
All 14 Eight Thousanders Reinhold Messner
Quest  For Adventure Chris Bonnington
Everest The Hard Way Chris Bonnington
Beyond Everest Patrick Morrow
If You Fall Karren Drake
The Villian Jim Perrin
Highland Wilderness Colin Prior
The International Mountain Rescue Handbook Hamish Mac Innes
Eiger Dreams Jon Krakauer
Mountaineering A Manual For Teachers  & Instructors D. t. Roscoe
The Guardian Book Of Mountains The Guardian Edited By Richard Nelsson
Kilimanjaro & Mount Kenya Cameron  M. Burns
Guide to Mount Kenya & Kilimanjaro Iain Allan
Kathadin A Guide to Baxter State Park &  Kathadin 5th Edition Stephen Clark
Ecrins Park  Dauphine Alps Robin Collomb
Cornish Rock Rowland Edwards & Tim Dennel
Peak Gritstone East Chris Craggs & Alan James
Rock Climbing in the Peak District Paul Nunn
Rock Climbing in the Lake Disrict Geoff Cram, Chris Eibeck & Ian Roper.
Rock Climbing in Wales Ron James
Lundy Paul Harrison
The Trekking Peaks of Nepal Bill O’ Connor
Trekking & Climbing in Nepal Steve Razzetti
Skye Scrambles Noel Williams
Nepal Lonely Planet Guide  


Some Lost Place

Some Lost Place


I am going to get rid of most of these books above – many will go to local charity shops if you want one give me call or send postage!  It seems shame that many are sitting and not being used, books should be read and enjoyed and even written in !!!!!

A must Read

A must Read

These are a  few comments:

Anne Butler –  Running High by Hugh Symonds and Wilderness Dreams by Mike Cawthorne are two of my absolute favourites that l read again and again.

Natacha  – Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain. Absolute beauty.

Rachel Higgins –  A new addition to my collection, love it!

Bob Sharp – Search and Rescue Dogs – Fifty years and counting”. Hot off the press. That’s another one for your library Heavy!

Paul Rosher – “At the Mountains of Madness” H. P. Lovecraft.

Tony Bradshawa – Gwen Moffat (née Goddard; born 3 July 1924) is a British climber and writer.[1]

Moffat was a free spirit who loved and lived the Bohemian lifestyle through the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, making a living from climbing, and becoming the first female British guide. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, she was closely associated with the RAF Mountain Rescue Service in North Wales and helped train many young airmen, once she had agreed to wear boots! She described her life in her classic autobiography Space Below My Feet.[2] She subsequently went on to write detective fiction, in particular the Miss Pink series featuring Melinda Pink, a middle aged magistrate and climber.

Rich Wood – Has to be “Always a Little Further” by Alistair Borthwick, described as “A classic tale of camping, hiking and climbing in Scotland in the thirties”. The adventures of a group of young Glaswegians who travel to the mountains every weekend to escape the pressures of the big city.

Mark Hogson  – ‘George Ashbury’ a classic local historical tale of the Lakes; time I read it again.

Alan MacLeod – Cairngorm John.

Geoff Abbot – “On the Heights” –  Walter Bonatti


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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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