Learning patience never easy for an old impatient hill man? Ben Nevis Call – outs ?

I am off out for a bit of catching up tomorrow and maybe a short walk in the Cairngorms after a visit to a few friends.  My life has been a selfish life of mountains and wild places and how I miss the freedom of getting out on the hills. I love being able just to head out on my own and have an adventure in the wilds now I am retired. I am so well placed living  in the North of Scotland with so much on my doorstep. I have to take it easy as I am still not great since my last operation in July and my last adventure to Applecross was hard going and I have to accept that it will take time. How I miss the hills but you can only do and what your health tells you can and I am lucky as many cannot do as much as me.   My grand kids have been up and I have had some fun with them and cannot wait till I am up and running on full throttle for my age?  I will have another operation in about October so it is going to be another few months to get sorted.   Patience, patience, patience.

Missing places like Skye!

Missing places like Skye!

On the news was a piece about the number of call – outs that Lochaber Mountain Rescue have been involved in this year. The total is already over 106 and they have had a very busy Bank Holiday with several Call- outs. The team have been so busy and have given up so much of their holiday time to help others on the hills. Few in the Lochaber Team would have seen much of their families over the period a think many forget. Their area covers the very busy Ben Nevis and at this time is an extremely popular mountain and always will be. Lochaber MR have spoken out about the sole use of mobile phones for navigating and batteries running out, walkers with no compasses and limited gear,also with the nights drawing in people not carrying torches.Many are completely relying on their phone or GPS and batteries fail and problems occur. The weather this summer has been poor and maybe this is one of the reasons for the increase in call – outs. The paths are eroded and wet in places and care needs to be taken. Unfortunately it is the same old stories over and over again how do we educate these people?

I would appreciate if anyone has any new ideas?



BBC News ”

Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team recorded its 100th call-out at the weekend in a busy year for its members.

Usually over 12 months the team would expect to be deployed on 70 to 100 occasions.

The 100th call-out came on Friday when the team went to the aid of a walker with a dislocated shoulder on the West Highland Way.

Lochaber MRT went on to deal with two more incidents over the weekend, one an overdue hillwalker.

Members of the rescue team resumed their search on Monday morning for the man who had failed to return from a walk up Ben Nevis on Sunday.

The search was stood down when he turned up at a camp site.”

Take care out there, it is pouring down now so it may be a very low level day today we will see.



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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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