“Man’s inhumanity to Man” What can we do?

What can I say after seeing the photos of a dead baby Syrian refugee carried of a Turkish beach by a Policeman what a tragedy and what a mess we are in.  It is a picture that shocks and should shame the world.  The tragedy goes on and no leaders emerge, with solutions or assistance. Much of it is blamed on terrible foreign policy, oil greed and the chase of the $ and £. Few of the Arabs countries with their huge wealth like Saudi Arabia help and it seems it is no ones problem.  We engage in war and then walk away and the tragedy continues. It is an ongoing scenario, never-ending it is like the scenes from the end of the second world war and the huge refugee crisis that occurred.


Many who read this blog spent time in Mountain Rescue or the Emergency Services, we spent at times days looking for someone we never knew? Huge resources of time, manpower and money are involved at times in looking for  lost souls. Yet every day the photos and reports get worse, the tragedy continues and our personal problems seem so insignificant.

I have seen some sights in my life, tragic poverty in Pakistan, Tibet and India on my travels to the great mountain Ranges but never seen anything like this and I am at a loss what will happen. When are the world leaders going to emerge with solutions if there are any?


I wonder?


Comments –  Lyndon Jones “I don’t think in the present circumstances where people quite genuinely are felling like myself horrified at the scene yesterday of that poor child on the beach in Turkey; and quite frankly I hope I never become desensitized to such images.
ver you make many valid points. I don’t think everyone would disagree that this Country is in one hell of a mess, but you end your post with your vision for the U.K. How long will that take, how many children will die before we are in a position to help.
I don’t think that this humanitarian problem can or should be our soul responsibility, as you say Arabian Countries with plenty of money seem to be the last place that refugees seem to want too go for help. Surly there is some kind of organisation of the major powers in the world (granted thay may have coursed the problem) that can in some way put some kind of organized response to the increasing problem. Maybe I am just dreaming but I was born with a conscience…..”

Dave Greensill – What the hell is the United Nations for if we can’t make safe area’s for these people in their own country. Where are the blue helmeted troops?

Lyndon Jones –  “Dave that was the organisation I was thinking about, unfortunately I have had a few Strokes’ that I have recovered well from but sometimes I can’t for the life of me think of some simple names est. Yes surely this organisation could broker some deal between the nations they seem to organise wars and military sanctions on a prity regular basis….”

Bill Rose  – “Would you set off in a dinghy if your city was getting blasted to rubble. Yes you would. They are victims of a policy that will not let countries determine their own future, and try and impose western style democracy for our benefit and access to their oil and minerals”

Pete Ross  – Bill, bang on. Why did they not ask for asylum in Turkey? When they get to Hungary why did they not ask for asylum there instead of rioting unless they get to Germany. Why aren’t Arab countries on the borders of the conflict taking in any refugees? Why aren’t large numbers of those refugees prepared to be processed and identified? Unfortunately, this country is on the verge of serious civil unrest and our population density is the greatest in Europe. We should have shelter for genuine refugees always. However, we have a significant amount of our own ‘citizens’ who are hell-bent in destroying us and our culture to expand their notional Caliphate – we don’t need any more they should go to brother Muslim countries. Sarkozy and Cameron gloried in the fall of Libya now Europe reaps the whirlwind. Cameron is a traitor like Blair and he’ll capitulate to Merkel’s orders soon enough. As always the children suffer and it’s heart- breaking. But as ISIS was a monster deliberately created to overthrow Assad by the West, expect more of the same, look what these vile pieces of excrement are doing to women and kids. But because they’re fighting Assad – a Russian ally- we have a muted response. We now have Ukraine kicking off again; another conflict created by the meddling West this time the evil EU. Also, the BBC didn’t exactly indulge in much hand-wringing when the kids of Rotherham were being abused. Nor did that disingenuous ‘house-flipper’ Yvette Cooper. Now she’s all over it now there’s a leadership contest. Let’s sort our own country out first; get our armed forces up to scratch; kick out the terrorists and criminals who have raped and killed and abused our system but can’t be removed because of ”Human Rights.’ Then we can begin the trials for treason. As for Germany they can ……. off!!



About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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4 Responses to “Man’s inhumanity to Man” What can we do?

  1. Donald Watt says:

    Hopefully this will be a turning point in this ongoing horror show. It is like the picture of the little girl badly burnt in Vietnam, that turned the tide of opinion about that war. We do not seem to have the leadership to find a solution to all this, we need someone with the vision and courage to step up. The little boy in these photos certainly is not responsible for this. A very depressing day for us all.


  2. Ian Rideout says:

    This is becoming a shocking humanitarian crisis: where are UNHCR, the International Humanitarian Aid Agencies, and their nationally based societies? These are refugees fleeing persecution, many Christians and desperate families of other faiths seeking sanctuary in what they believe to be compassionate European countries. We are not going to solve the issue of fundamentalism in Libya, Syria or sub-saharan Africa by refusing to live up to the humanitarian values which we have long espoused and fought hard to uphold. Lack of foresight and failure to understand cultural difference has resulted in both the UK and some of its European allies possibly inadvertently being complicit in sewing the seeds for this crisis through their previous actions.

    Why are we so afraid of extending the hand of compassion to those most in need, those exploited by manipulative human traffickers and those so desperate to flee that they are dying in their attempts?

    A truly sad day and despite our hopes no change in policy from the Westminster Government!

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