A blast from the past a weekend at Dunkeld – the place of the big trees!

I have just had a great weekend at Dunkeld for a surprise birthday party for An old pal Taff Harris. A few of us met up and had a grand weekend. The guest of honour Taff ( John) Harries was a fellow RAF Mountain Rescue troop many years ago at RAF Kinloss. Chalky (Peter ) White and Collen came across from Canada and with several other from the Last of The Summer Wine Mountaineering Club and what a fun weekend.

Colleen , Chalky, Taff and Kalie.

Colleen , Chalky, Taff and Kalie.

The drive down on the Friday night was magic with the hills looking incredible there was cloud on the Cairngorms but near Dalwhinnie on the A9 The Corbett The Farra and the remote Beinn Alder were so clear and looking incredible. It was an afternoon where the hills and cliffs were so prominant in the September light!  The A9 was busy but I was enjoying the views as we arrived near Dunkeld and the whole of Scotland was looking so green!

The Tay a magic river.

The Tay a magic river.

Dunkeld is so busy but we found some parking it is a bustle of a place with so many mountain bikers and walkers all enjoying the September sun at long last! We had to vanish till 1800 to make it a surprise  and had a drink in the local hotel and all started to arrive amazingly at the same time. It was great to see everyone and have a great bleather. We all soon were ready for the surprise and Taff was shocked when we all arrived and what a great meal we had in the lovely town house we were all staying in!

Kallie had a massive Salmon from Loch Torridon all  decorated and what a spread of food soon the tales were flowing and Chalky & Taff regaled us with tales of past adventures! The best was driving down to Kinlochewe in a big 4 ton RAF wagon with no brakes, hitching to France, so many call – outs and nearly joining the foreign legion, great days ! I left them to the stories as it was too late for me as I was on breakfast shift the next days! Ned and Glenda had driven from Aviemore for the night and left in the early hours as they had prior commitments that weekend!

The Salmon frpm Applecross magic

The Salmon frpm Applecross magic

Breakfast was going well when I pulled a muscle in my back bending down to oven but the day was spared by Donnella and Kallie ( medically). I was so fed up and thought that was it but the girls sorted me out.  What great weather we had a blue sky day and withall the medicine thrown down my throat I  managed a guided walk by the local guide Tom MacDonald. What a great wander we had by the Cathedral and down along the river Tay it was such a fun day. My back eased off and I enjoyed the incredible trees and views along the river and my back was easing off. We all had a great chat such was day and I was amazed how beautiful this area is and how quite it was apart from the odd song from Gus who was in fine form. The anglers were out in it was such a site and a lovely walk all those years I had climbed at Dunkeld but missed the beauty of this place!

Living legend

Later we went back for tea and cakes and then split up the wild men went Quad biking and John and I went to find the illusive oak tree at Birnham and the girls shopping!  It was a great afternoon and my back was getting better and had a wee siesta. It was another great meal more fish from Torridon (is there any Kent in the Loch) more songs and tales! poor Leila had arrived from working in Glasgow and had cut our combined ages considerably and had to listen to more tales the same ones repeated again as memories faded!

What a great weekend – sort about my back , my poor attempts at making coffee (Mary) but so good to see everyone all looking so well!  It was special to meet up and when we say we do not want a surprise party for our 100 th birthday just do it. We oldies are Cranky but it was great to meet up and spend some fun time together.

Thanks to Kalie Taff, John,Mary, Gus,Donnela,Chalkie,Collen,Ned,Glenda, Leila, Janice and Tom Mac and Islay the Collie!

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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