Strathspey Herald article – journey to Ayr Newton Church and meeting old friends.

The Wreckage from the Wellington Crash in The Cairngorms

The Wreckage from the Wellington Crash in The Cairngorms


It was good to see that after my visit to the An Lurg Wellington Crash  last week with the family of one of the crew their photo  was on the front page! Phil who was born 6 weeks after his Dad was killed in the crash in 1944 was very pleased that a small part of hid Dad’s story had been told! His Dad was from Elgin and prior to the war had worked as a reporter in a local paper in Elgin so we found out another small part of his life.! Many thanks to Strathspey Herald for telling this story and explaining how much this place now means to the family! The Link is below.
I am down in Ayr and had an incredible drive in the morning through the Spey Valley. The mountains looked like they were on fire as the mist and cloud cleared. The great Cairngorms looked incredible with clear skies and the colours were so vibrant, the trees  in late autumn were exceptional and the hills so clear.. This is a great time of year and with the fields and the bracken a golden brown I have rarely seen the mountains looking so stunning. What a privilege to live here in this great country in such weather.
My journey was to Ayr my home town was grand and after hitting some mist on the busy A9 it was back into good weather on my 4 hour journey. Arran was clear with the mountains looking majestic and Ailsa Craig looking foreboding and moody. There was little time as I was visiting my Sister who has just recovered from a major operation and it was good to see her and how lucky we are with the NHS. As we get older it is incredible how much we rely on the NHS and despite the media tales the incredible job they do to meet all our expectations. It is also fantastic to see how well our families look after each other in times like this!
Great Memories of Dad and Mum a lovely evening emotional for me.

Great Memories of Dad and Mum a lovely evening emotional for me.

y journey was also to have a chat with the Women’s Guild in Ayr in my old church where my Dad was a minister Newton  Church. The women’s Guild were the audience and my Mum was the President for many years. I was told that the Meeting was now to be held in the Church as the hall was being renovated . This was where my Dad preached and it was a moving night. My niece Julie and her daughter Rosie did the sound support  and I was surrounded by family and friends it was a enjoyable night for me in a place that meant so much to me in my early wild years as the Ministers son. I hope that my Mum and Dad would have approved. It did tug at the heart a bit when I started but definitely I am glad it was worth the long journey.
I head  back today as I have another chat on Saturday in Newtonmore to celebrate 50 yeas of the Mountain Bothies Association in the Village Hall after the AGM . The Bothies mean a lot to me and it will be a honour to tell a few tales of these incredible places.


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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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