Another wild night in Assynt.

The Jocker at Assynt

The Joker at Assynt. How can you sleep after a night like that. Great music though Jake and co partners. 

It was another late night in Inchnadampth in Assynt with the Moray Mountaineering Club and a few came off the hill in the dark, the head torches were used for the last hour. It is amazing how things slow down even on a path in the dark and it is a lot harder up on the hill, so a good point in winter to be down at least on a path in these dark months ahead. Today’s tip. We had the Fancy Dress night and what a laugh it was and then the fiddle and guitar came out and what a talented bunch and so many great costumes. Everyone had a great day out and a few realised that this is wild country no matter what you do! I must remember my ear plugs!

Just outside the Lodge.

Just outside the Lodge. A big stag

I was still pretty sore so just decided to come home after tidying up after breakfast and was serenaded by the Stags on the way home! The views were outstanding and the hills were clear but with high winds forecast and rain but it was clear when I left with the wind picking up. I did still fancy a wander today yet I was sensible and decided it is better to rest the body and enjoy the drive home. This is never an easy option when the hills look so good but maybe I am learning a bit of sense? It was still not an easy decision especially after so long of the hill but two days was a lot better than last year?

These great hills looking magic.

These great hills looking magic.

This is some area the geology is incredible and the feeling of space immense. Scotland has also had a role to play in many significant discoveries such as plate tectonics and the development of theories about the formation of rocks and was the home of important figures in the development of the science including  James Hutton (the “father of modern geology”).

From the website

Landscape, Geology & Caves

Unlike possibly anywhere else on mainland Britain, the link between the underlying rocks and the landscape is clearly defined in Assynt. Due to the absence of urban development and the sparse covering of vegetation much of the skeleton of the land is exposed for all to witness.

In the limestone valleys around Inchnadamph & Elphin are found the most extensive cave network in Scotland.

Wa in in by the hidden river by the beleach on yesterdays walk below the huge face of Conival.

Walk in in by the hidden river by the beleach on yesterdays walk below the huge face of Conival.

What a great few days and I left and had my few moments for Remembrance Day looking at these incredible hills, all so very different with so much character and beauty whatever season you visit. This is a land of sea, rock, remoteness and wildness where life is as it was in many places. It is so special and must be looked after so must those that chose to live here. I was told that there were two babies born recently to two families a big event in a small community. It is great to see people living and making a life in this area which cannot be easy.

Windfarm near the Fannichs

Wind farm near the Fannichs? Please not in Assynt? or is it just me?

It was superb to be away again and despite moving slowly I had two wanders in these great hills on Ben Wyvis and Breabeg in great company and such scenery we saw no one. We had some laughs and the Moray Club is a real bunch of people all doing different things, a few cycled, a few walked along the coast a few went under ground in the Caves. The”craIck” was magic and I even managed a whisky, it was so hospitable and so good to laugh in this world of madness. There was no television and a limited access to communications but who needs it with a fire, good food and great company, some things you never take for granted or can put a price on them?

Todays tip – make sure you put your torch in your hill bag and not leave it in the bothy! Buy a cheap one for travelling?  You know who you are?

It wet and wild now and real November weather forecast well worth “winterising” your hill gear great days ahead I hope.

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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Another wild night in Assynt.

  1. pondbug says:

    No, it’s not just you. There has to be a way to exploit green energy sources without despoiling our best landscapes. IMHO, leaving it all to the market is part of the problem and the failure to develop a wider range of generation methods another.
    There certainly should be no such development in Assynt with it’s unique and beautiful landscape.

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