“Man’s in humanity to Man”

“Man’s in humanity to Man”

I had a grand wander yesterday locally with a good pal John from the Braemar MRT who came to visit. John now  a retired Bobby is still a member of the Team. We spoke up the past and epic call – outs and the characters that make Mountain Rescue so special. I have been given the great privilege to speak at the Braemar MRT 50 th Anniversary Dinner next Saturday. We went over some of the tales of the local’s legends before pre organised mountain Rescue who went out and rescued people on these big wild Cairngorms hills. They had limited gear but huge hearts and this is what makes the World still a special place, they did it too help there fellow man and help those in trouble. I  had been feeling rough with a bit of flu over the last few days but as always the fresh air helps and good company clears the head. There were a few climbing in the bitter wind at my local crag Cummingston and we had a chat and then popped in on another pal Dan Carrol for a brew on the way home . The sea had calmed down and hopefully the big winds were on their way out.  I was working on my talk to Breamar last night when the tragedy of the Killings in France came into the news. It was on most of the night and one can only think of the sadness in that beautiful city and the lives broken,

What has happened to this world? I fear for the future at times and my thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.  Many will write about this and the media will be full of it there will be so many questions and so few answers.  How far have we come when these types of things are now everyday occurrences, yet it is easy to wallow in the sadness and tragedy that has occurred?  We can never be safe but hope that those whose job it is to protect us can do. There will be hard decisions to make by those in power and we must remember that it is a  small minority who are causing these events and they must be dealt with.

I leave you with the thought that there is still so much good in the World, yesterday John on the walk was telling me of the old days and how the local Keeper at Loch Muick below Lochnagar Johnnie Robertson what a man (I never knew his first name it was always Mr Robertson when I was a young lad)   He would carry out so many Rescues on that Mountain with his family and local people. There would be a knock at the door and it was a tradition to help a person in distress, these were incredible times.  In these days there was always a welcome and hospitality after a day on the mountain especially to those in trouble; are these days were so different in many ways to the modern world?  Nowadays we have such well-trained Mountain Rescue Teams and folk are still helping each other, simple values of love and care for each other. Last night in among all the tragedy was the Annual Children in Need giving millions to good causes among all this despair.


At times it is so hard to see the good about in the world but it is there, the problem is we seldom hear about?


About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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One Response to “Man’s in humanity to Man”

  1. Dick Dorling says:

    Hi Heavy,

    Last week I had a very happy reunion with Chris Jones with whom I climbed with mostly after Dan Stewart. We spoke much of a John Turner who died recently. He was an English climber who did many second ascents of the Brown/Whillans classics but was really best known for his climbs over here in North America.
    I attach a copy of his obituary which I am sure you will enjoy—he certainly was special.


    As far as the debacle in France. I don’t like to be political but it is about time the strongest and wealthiest country on the planet stepped up and the rest of us will follow.

    “Pin Prick” sorties into battle are useless. We will see if the G20 coming soon on climate change will be dominates by the windmills?



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