Boxing Day Magic and the Burghead Boxing Day Swim – BOXING DAY SWIM 2015 NOMINATED CHARITIES Main Charity Buckie Lifeboat MacMillan Cancer Nurses

What a great Christmas day we had with the grand kids in England. The kids loved it and this is their time and the Christmas story with Santa was magical. For all the commercialism that Christmas has been spoiled by this was a special day for the girls and us all. Mum and Dad put so much effort in to make it fun that I had forgotten what Christmas is all about for the kids.

Swim today at 1430

Swim today at 1430

The little things like Santa’s Footprints in the hall, the chimney with the mince pies and the half eaten carrots and Lexi eyes amazed and taking it all in she is 5 and this is her time  Her sister Ellie so young nearly two but just laughing and loving every minute. We had great fun opening the presents and did we laugh all day. The kids joy was there to see and enjoy !

The meal was stupendous t in every way the girls perfect and we had fun all afternoon, even a short nap and a dog walk. Lexi entertained us with the Karaoke machine and the day sped by. It was one of the best Christmas days ever; I am blessed   despite my Ladybird dating book present. Maybe there is still hope.

Thanks Yvette, Dave, Lexi, Ellie Skye, Flo  and Robbie and all my family for being so good to me.

I got three great books and wish I had time to read them. I will do a review  on them soon!

Big Hills and Wee Men – Peter Kemp

A Life on the Edge – Eric Jones

A life on the Edge

Old Man of Hoy

Today is also the Boxing Day Swim at Burghead for Charity well worth a visit it 1430 today


boxing day swim

Main Charity

Buckie Lifeboat
MacMillan Cancer Nurses


Have a great day. If out on the hills it is winter – the Forecast for my local hills the Cairngorms is for Gales and widespread snow, freezing level  500  – 700 metres, and -1 at 900 metres.

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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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