Long drive back from the South – now getting ready for the New Year on the mountains – weather permitting.

It is so hard to leave the grand  kids and I always leave at night when they are fast asleep, poor Lexi aged 5  gets so upset as I do after such a wonderful family time. It is sad that after so many years when working I missed out on the Festive times as I was out with the Mountain Rescue Teams on Call – outs or standby in the mountains, you can never get that time back! I left early  from down South and was away by 0400 (an Alpine Start) to get home just under 600 miles away. It is a great time to travel the motorways are quiet and the weather fine a bit windy at times. I could see the flooding in the Lakes and the rivers all the way were huge,my thoughts were with all the people who have had and are a having an awful time. Maybe it is time to look after our own instead of giving billions much of it for political aims overseas? Is that uncaring or just a fact, any comments. So many have lost everything good people who happen to live in a flood area, they have lost everything it is tragic. Big changes may be coming, environmentaly area we prepared or will Nature as always rule?

The hills looked bare of snow as I drove up the A9 but I saw still some big snowfields higher up and  the lay-bys were full of cars ticking these handy Munros by the motorway. The summits were not clear but is was pretty mild about 8 degrees. The Spey Valley was pretty flooded and the fields waterlogged and the river full. I was very  tired when I got home a long trip 11 hours but great to be back in Scotland after a wonderful Christmas with the kids. How I miss them and Yvette and Dave already, I am so far away and how the kids are changing into wee starsxxx.

It is a lovely morning and I have so much to do so have to get on with it and get ready for another spell of winter weather coming in tonight!

Ben Nevis past winters at this time Gardh Gully

Ben Nevis past winters at this time Gardh Gully

Weather Link – http://www.mwis.org.uk/scottish-forecast/EH/

Cairngorms today – Southerly, strengthening through the day, from 25mph at dawn, to 40mph by early afternoon, then soon after dark 70 to 90mph – remaining very stormy overnight, gusts 100mph across the mountains.


Walking becoming increasingly arduous, and by about dusk onward, any mobility difficult across the hills. Severe wind chill.


Wind speeds will increase through the day, reaching storm force toward dusk on most mountains, and widely severe conditions overnight into Wednesday. There may be the odd patch of rain or a brief shower in the morning, but generally dry most of daylight all areas.

From Highlands & Islands Weather –

Storm ‘Frank’ – the truth for our area.
I have read some real ott stuff on social media regarding this which really makes my blood boil.
A normal winter area of low pressure that will bring a spell of ‘normal weather’ to the Highlands.
An area of rain and gales will arrive from the Atlantic this evening and overnight, severe gales in exposed parts of the west and NW with gusts of 75-85 mph, this will have cleared away by early tomorrow.
So in a nutshell folks – we have seen far worse but it will be very windy.
Please share the truth so people can stop panicking.
Cheers and have a great day.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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