Mountain Safety Talk in the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore tonight!

  • It is in winter that the Scottish Mountains Excel.
  • No one who has seen the skyward thrust of a snow peak, girdled by its early morning cloud and flushed with the low sun, will dispute with me.
  • Follow a long ridge of encrusted snow to its sunset tower and tread the summit at moonrise.
  • This is Scottish winter climbing!
  • W.H.Murray
2016 Jan solo Beinn A cH

2016 Jan solo Beinn A’ Choarainn Photo Andy Lawson.


I have been preparing for my Mountain Safety talk in the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore tonight at 2000. It is sponsored by the Munro Society and the Mountaineering Council Of Scotland that is appreciated.  I have been lucky enough to speak in the Mountain Cafe before and it usually is a good night and the food is marvellous.

Hopefully there will be some top tips and a few tales of days past to make it an interesting night. I was out at the weekend and getting reminded of the Scottish weather and the fun you have. A few things came out:

The planning of the day and how the route  changed and the parties ambitions due to the weather forecast and actual weather.

Wild river - Photo Tarquin Collection.

Wild river – Photo Tarquin Collection.

We went up the ridge instead of the Glen as the rivers were to high to cross!

The effect of the wind and snow, the need for goggles and plenty of warm gear.  The wind speed and its effect on you most people new to the mountains find that hard to gauge.

Porridge the food of the Gods!

Porridge the food of the Gods!

Having some quick snacks handy in your pocket ready when there is little chance of stopping due to weather. Eating on the hoof! The need for a good breakfast before you go out.

Quick snacks always ready!

Quick snacks always ready!

The use of walking Poles, when and where to put away and get the ice axe and crampons out? The different types of crampons and there uses?

The need to navigate and have a map and compass all the time handy when the weather gets wild! Making sure all the party are together especially in poor weather when communication is difficult. The use of phones and GPS and the need for spare batteries to be carried.

spare batt 1

Watching the snow move on the hill and how this can and does effect the travel of the group, being aware of avalanche danger building.

Getting out of the wind for a break, Bothy bags and having the gear you need handy, gloves hats etc.

The effect of fresh snow on wet grass and the care needed.

Loads of tales of the past and recently all learning for days on the hill.

Getting to a summit or not in winter and the joy of living with a wild winters day.


Why we go out !

Why we go out !


There is a meal before the lecture and that has to be booked through the Cafe you may be lucky and get a meal as it is pretty busy? The lecture is free  and even if you cannot get a meal if about pop in I am sure they will fit you in. The details are below.

Booking essential on 01479 812473 – pre-lecture meals available (£12), meals will be served at 7pm. If you cannot get a meal the lecture is free please come!


Wils weather needs good preparation.

Wils weather needs good preparation.

Location: The Mountain Cafe, 111 Grampian Road, Aviemore, PH22 1RH
Start Date/Time: Wednesday 10th February 2016, 20:00:00

The MCofS has teamed up with the Mountain Cafe, Aviemore and the Munro Society to offer you a fascinating insight into Scotland’s mountains in winter and some essential safety advice for heading into the hills at this time of year.

Wild plateau.

Wild plateau.

In this free lecture Heavy Whalley, a legendary ‘character’ who for many years was intensely involved in RAF Mountain Rescue, and is an acknowledged expert in the field, will share his photos, personal anecdotes and adventures.

The lecture will focus on essential skills for folk heading out into the Scottish Winter Mountains, including navigation, avalanche awareness, route choice, equipment, weather and much more.

Booking essential on 01479 812473 – pre-lecture meals available (£12), meals will be served at 7pm.

If no meal available the lecture is free  – please come!

I hope the evening goes well and I a few tales to tell and will be down in Aviemore for a wander before the chat.


About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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