Mothers Day – Love your Mum , love them every day, we owe them so much.

My Mum passed away many years ago  in 1980 I still miss her every day she was a special lady. As the youngest of 5 kids I was spoiled in every way, always in a scrape or trouble and being a Ministers son a bit of a rebel in Ayr .

My Mum xxxx

My Mum xxxx

Mum was always there for me and we had a great bond as the youngest in our family she was some mother to us all! She loved her family, flowers, the mountains, football the tennis and dedicated her life to her family her grandchildren and the church. Money was tight but we never wanted for love and she brought us all up almost single handed as Dad pursued his life as a minister.

During my wild years she saw something in me and as I grew up we got a lot closer!  I have so many memories of her one that shines out was on the Annual Ayr Advertiser Walk. This was a 13 mile race walk over my local Carrick Hills. I was a young member of the Boys Brigade Team and we trained hard for it. I was told to go out in front and blast up the hills, that was my specaility. As a wee skinny lad of 12 I had little stamina and collapsed after the hill about 5 miles from home, near Butlin’s Holiday camp. I had been pushing in the front all the time as the plan that our Manager said. I was supposed to be helped by my team but was left alone.  Dad and Mum were there at a water and feeding station to meet me and was upset and exhausted. Dad was not impressed but Mum said a few words that got me up and back into the race. She said words that stayed with me all my life and when completely out in my feet on many call –outs and hard mountaineering days they still pushed me on and into hidden reserves. Thanks Mum.

1963 Mum Ben Nevis path

1963 Mum Ben Nevis path

When I went and joined the RAF she loved that I was in Mountain Rescue and though she worried about me as Mum’s do! We spoke every week on the phone as most of my leave was spent chasing mountains I was a rare visitor! I can never get these times back and like many regret my selfishness. Sadly so many of us do this so love your Mum every day that you have her it’s priceless time.

Mum 1936

When mum got ill with Leukaemia she never told me till a few days before she passed away and I was summoned home. She did not want me worried as I was in a relationship and now in North Wales as full – time Mountain Rescue my life was so busy. I rushed home and was shocked poor Mum was so frail and yet every week on the phone she never said a thing or complained and just listened to me and gave me advice. Poor Mum was in terrible pain for a long time but never moaned, she was incredible during these last few months. We were told to get my brother back from Bermuda and she died shortly after he arrived home. We got some special time together near the end and she was so upset she had little to leave us a monetary sense. She had given us a lifetime of love and care and that is what matters. In this modern life I despair at times when I families ripped apart after a loved ones death over money and possessions love, care and kindness is the greatest gift ever that parents can bestow on their kids. The next few short days were awful and I think I was programmed to seeing so many tragedies in the mountains that it took me years to realise what had happened. Even at the funeral I was like a robot and had to rush back to work next day to North Wales. How I miss her and wish I could have done more for her and when in trouble or down she is always still there for me!

She was such a beautiful person in every aspect who loved us all yet had time to guide and be there for us. I shared so many secrets with her over my life and she was always there to listen when I needed! How she would have loved to see her grandchildren and their kids now. I would have loved her to have met all the great Grandchildren and Lexi and Ellie Skye and shared their lives! I also got the love flowers and got that from my Mum so every few weeks I buy some or pick them and they always remind me of her.

1956 my sisters and brother

1956 my sisters and brother

Please give your Mum and Dad a hug or a visit we all owe them so much they make us who we are. Mum I miss you as we all do thanks for being there for me and being such an influence!

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

We are so lucky !

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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