So many good people. So proud of Mountain Rescues Efforts this winter. A few tips on staying safe!

Since the loss of my Sister on Sunday I have been amazed by the support I have had and cannot thank you all enough. I look around and see what else is happening in this mad world and yet so many care for others and few hear about it. I have had so many texts, cards and flowers in her memory, thank you all.


I am also amazed at the incredible efforts put in by the Mountain Rescue Teams, SARDA and the Rescue Agencies in the searches for missing climbers and walkers recently. There has been some press about the changes going on within Scottish Mountain Rescue but on the huge Searches on Ben Nevis for  the two climbers show how none of it has effected the Teams operationally. It has been a month since Tim Newton, 27, and Rachel Slater, 24, were climbing Britain’s highest peak on Valentine’s weekend.



So many teams organised by Lochaber MRT have searched for so long and given so much and it means so much the families and friends of those missing. These were incredible efforts at times in wild weather.

Jim Robertson

Jim Robertson

It is the same in the Southern Cairngorms where  walker Jim Robertson is still missing.

EXPERIENCED walker Jim Robertson, 61, was reported missing in the Cairngorms on March 2, after he failed to return home to Glasgow for his 61st birthday.

The 61-year-old is thought to have stayed in the Bob Scott Bothy, close to Derry Lodge on the Mar Lodge Estate, about eight miles from Braemar, between Tuesday March 1 and the following day.

This is from Jim’s daughter Lynn and if you can help please support.

Lynn Robertson – Supporting Breamar Mountain Rescue Team  in memory of our beloved dad Jim Robertson.

Our family are kindly asking for any donations for Braemar Mountain Rescue because we deeply value all of their incredible work.


An immense amount of work has been done by BMRT to establish the likely circumstances in which our beloved dad, Jim Robertson, went missing. It is likely that he left Bob Scott’s Bothy early on the morning of Wednesday 2nd March 2016, two days before his 61st birthday. It is likely that he headed to the second highest mountain in the UK, Ben Macdui (in the Cairngorms). It is likely that he has had a tragic accident and has succumbed to the elements somewhere on this mountain.

Setting up this page is our way of sharing our deepest heartfelt thanks with the volunteers of BMRT and we would be extremely grateful for any donations, no matter how small they may be. Sadly our dad will not be the last person to need the help of BMRT. We appreciate that our fundraising goal is high however the running cost of BMRT is ‘tens of thousands – every year, year after year’ and all of their work is ‘done on a voluntary basis.’

There are no words to express our feelings of gratitude towards all of those who have been involved in the search thus far. Regardless of the outcome, we are truly overwhelmed by their kindness, compassion and commitment. We are now hoping that BMRT can recover our dad’s body and bring him home to us. Once we have him home, we can say our final goodbyes and return our dearest dad to the hills, where he belongs.

We only wish our dad could see just how much has been done for him… He would be so amazed and deeply moved.

Dad, may only the purest snow ever fall on you x

Anyone wishing to make a donation to Lynn Robertson’s appeal can do so via her justgiving page

These are just two ongoing incidents in the press just now  and it makes me immensely proud of the efforts of all as the teams will continue to look for the missing people until they are found.

What can we do when we go out in the hills to say safe, or if it goes wrong ?

The usual precautions:  always leave an idea where your going with a family friend, or text a pal, if in a bothy stick it in the bothy book. I would have  the emergency text service  on your phone it is free and simple to use.

999 Text Service to Assist Hill Walkers and Climbers

Mobile phone reception in the Highlands can often be intermittent or non-existent. If you are involved in an incident on the hill and need to call assistance but cannot make voice calls, you may now contact the 999 emergency services using a short messaging service (SMS) text from your mobile phone.

The service was originally set up in 2009 for people who are hard of hearing or who have a speech impediment. The service has been successful in helping identify crime and enabling emergency calls to be made when otherwise contact would have been difficult or impossible for the people involved.

The service will now assist those needing emergency assistance in the hills when mobile reception is poor and there is not enough signal to make a voice call. The benefit is that a text message can be composed and sent in a single operation. You should specify ‘Police-Mountain Rescue’ when sending the text, and include information about your location, nature of the incident and those involved.

You will only be able to use this service if you have registered with emergency SMS first.  Register now: don’t wait for an emergency.  To register, text the word ‘register’ to 999.  You will get a reply – then follow the instructions you are sent.  This will only take approx two minutes of your time and could save your life!

Bright is right?

Bright is right?

I also advise wearing some bright clothing, greys, and blacks may environmentally friendly but if you want to be seen if you have a problem then they are like being camouflaged. To me bright is right if your searching for someone?

Remember when we are out enjoying the wild some of our loved ones sit at home and worry, they may bear the brunt if it all goes wrong?

Simple advice, it may save your life and at least give those you love a peace of mind?

My thoughts are with the families of those still missing and for all those who are helping looking for them in all the Rescue Agencies.

Thank you for all for your great efforts, “great things happen when men/women and mountains meet?”

Last night I got a call from Huntly that Calumn Skinner had found my IPhone near the summit of Beinn Eighe yesterday. I lost it several months ago. What a good man and it gives me faith in human nature, reward on the way.

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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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