A difficult few days but great family love and care. Never take it for granted! 

My sisters Jenifer’s funeral went well a lovely farewell surrounded by family friends and lots of love  and kindness . It was a celebration of a kind loving persons life and a great turn out! Jenifer my sister was a caring Christian person and she would have loved the kind words spoken but that was not her way, she was always in the background. We all grieve in different ways but it was a short powerful ceremony that was just perfect the family.  The family was all there and special mention must go to Mia the lovely granddaughter who was such a lovely wee soul on such a day and filled our hearts with joy. The music was powerful Matt Munro  “Autumn Leave” who Jen loved and it is amazing how much peace you get out of music at times.
After the funeral we all met together and had a lovely tea and again it was great company of family, neighbours,relations and friends. Jenifer was well-loved and it was exactly what she would have wanted, no fuss and lovely food.. Caroline her daughter and Derrick her husband . Stuart her son , Lisa and Mia are in my thoughts as are my sisters Eleanor and Rosemary and Michael my brother in Bermuda who was in Church in Bermuda to celebrate Jen’s life at the time of the ceremony.
When I was down I managed to see my Brother in law Fergus who is very ill in hospital in Ayr. Again it was special to see the love and care my sister Eleanor and her family give him and how appreciative he is for all the love he gets from them at this difficult time. I am blessed with my family, we all have our differences but we are a close bunch and there is a lot of love there from us all which is so appreciated.
I was supposed to be down with the grand children over Easter but will not manage it as I am still not feeling great and the drive back and the last few days have taken their toll. I drove back with my niece via Inverurie and it was good to have company and the journey went well. I hope we both supported each other on the long journey home.
It is a wet day but I will catch up at home and get out for a walk and let this hard week sink in. Life can be very short live every day and always tell those you love how much you care, Give the children a great Easter and be there for each other and those you love.
Thanks for all the support care and love.  Your all specail!

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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