It is still winter on the hills – be careful. Check the weather forecast!

Today is a great day for the hills with a grand forecast but it is still winter on the high tops with cold temperatures and very cold overnight temperatures will give the sunny weather a cold bite. Also the old snow that about will be hard and ice axes and crampons will still be needed in place. It is about – 3 at 900 metres so it is still cold on the tops. So if your out please be aware that despite the sun winter has not gone. Make sure you still have winter gear with you its cold on the tops, not time for the shorts yet and be aware of sun burn with the reflection of the snow. Sunscreen will save you in the years to come, I would carry it and use it.

This is From Braemar MRT Facebook Page

Lchnagar - Breamar MRT Photo still in winter garbh.

Lchnagar – Breamar MRT Photo still in winter garbh.

Lochnagar looking Bonnie this morning.
If heading out into the hills over the next few days please don’t get caught out, winter is still with us, so ensure you carry the appropriate kit and have the skills to use them.

Meanwhile the search for Jim Robertson goes on and thanks to all who are still working hard to find Jim.

Jim Robertson’s daughter Lynn said it is likely that he left Bob Scott’s Bothy early on the morning of Wednesday 2 March, two days before his 61st birthday. She said: “It is likely that he headed to the second highest mountain in the UK, Ben MacDui.

“It is likely that he has had a tragic accident and has succumbed to the elements somewhere on this mountain.

“Setting up this page is our way of sharing our deepest heartfelt thanks with the volunteers of Braemar MRT and we would be extremely grateful for any donations, no matter how small they may be.

“Sadly our dad will not be the last person to need the help of Braemar MRT. We appreciate that our fundraising goal is high. However the running cost of BMRT is tens of thousands, every year, year after year and all of their work is done on a voluntary basis.

“There are no words to express our feelings of gratitude towards all of those who have been involved in the search thus far. Regardless of the outcome, we are truly overwhelmed by their kindness, compassion and commitment.

“We are now hoping that BMRT can recover our dad’s body and bring him home to us. Once we have him home, we can say our final goodbyes and return our dad to the hills, where he belongs.

“We only wish our dad could see just how much has been done for him. He would be so amazed and deeply moved.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation to Lynn Robertson’s appeal can do so via her justgiving page.

Jim Robertson still missing in the Cairngorms.

Jim Robertson still missing in the Cairngorms.

The Search continues :

Team members out again today covering more ground in the search for Jim. Grateful assistance given from a passing coastguard helicopter who themselves were utilising valuable training time to further the search effort. Snow cover now greatly reduced meaning many areas need to be re-covered. Great work by all many thanks to you all.

Braemar MRT LOGO

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