A Winter day on Eigg an ascent of An  Sgurr. 

What a day on An Sgurr on the Island of Eigg we had one of the most wonderful days ever on the hill. In 40 years this day was his was one of the best. Eigg has a unique skyline that gives it according to some guide books a disapropriare prominence in the Hebridean seas!  Do not let that description what a place to be and add a lot of snow this is one special  place !

The trip over was grand even the drive was wild at times! We had heavy snow over the Dava Moor and I had just taken off my winter tyres!It was an interesting drive to Arisiag on the west coast . The weather was great once we passed Laggan and then the blue skies came out.All the way on the Mallaig  road was the views of the magestic hills of Ardgour and they were plastered with snow! Could this get better?

I was with a weekend meet of theMoray  Mountaineering Club a great bunch of people! The trip over was stunning from Arisaig with time for a bacon buttie in the cafe at the ferry. Recommended a superb magic roll! 

it  was only an £18 ferry crossing   one hour on the MV Shearwater a small island  ferry where we had an  interesting chat and great boat trip it was a blue Sky day. One of these days to be alive and well . It was  a  great trip over with views that were superlative with Eigg and it’s great Sgurr with its prominent nose getting closer. We are staying at the Glebe Barn  and were met and the gear taken by trailer to our accommodation. 

It was a lovely walk from the harbour past snowy fields and up to our lovely house! We got sorted and by mid afternoon could not waste this day The fine weather decided it and a few of us headed of up the Sgurr a incredible looking small mountain with a steep cliff of rock “The Nose ”

A map of this wonderful Island and the Sgurr what a place to be on a day like this!

On the Ferry over

I have climbed all over the world but this was incredible. Leaving the Bothy it was a short walk to the main path to our hill.We had deep snow , blue skies and the best views in Scotland of Rhum, Skye and Knoydart. Add to that ascent of a grand wee hill – An Sgurr just over 300 metres but what a day! It was a hard hill today in the snowthan many Munros ! We met two locals on the summit who helped blaze an interesting route up this magic hill! We met them later and they  took a magic photo of us below the ridge. It was like some Himalayan peak today and it my mind far better!  

It was incredible !

yet Rhum looked snowless? 

This huge cliff dominates –  I have climbed here many years ago dropped of by Wessex helicopter on the cliff on a summers day in my other life! There were a few rock routes in these days now there are so many it is some place for the adventurous climber ! The rock columnar pitch stone porphyry is incredible and surprisingly in places rank with the Skye and  Rhum Gabbro and gneiss for quality! Not today big boots and an axe may have been better? As for the stupendous Nose on the Sgurr it has an  incredible “Wow “factor like the whole place! We passed by each view even more spectacular.

  1. Small person big cliff !

  2. We had a great day it had everything and great company  was fun. The snow deep and the path very wet but the views unsurpassed. We went round the back of the Sgurr and past its big dark cliffs. Sun balls and bits of avalanche debris made this an incredible day. The path soon rises onto the ridge it felt more than its tiny 400 metres. It was hard work and then we had a great wander on the ridge “best views ever” of this wonderful place. It was steep in places.
  3. The summit was like  some other world and at times we wandered on the rock glad to be out of the deep snow. It’s was over too soon and the summit trig point said that was it. 

    on the top on a specisl day one to remember!

  4.  We drunk it all in had an orgy of photos and the sea so calm and the views so stunning this was Island heaven. Leaving was not easy and it was like descending from some Artic mountain and we followed our trail back down. 

    lots of snow that we never expected!

  5. The sun was hot and the allying easier. There was a thaw on and we soon back past the main cliff and heading to our accomadation.  
  6. Sunburnt and happy after a short but special day in this wild and beautiful place . We had lived a dream the Sgurr in winter snow and sun . So special so magical so invigorating . The andbunkhouse is magic fire on a good meal,a dram , great company is this heaven?
  7. What will tomorrow bring?

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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  1. Peter Kay says:

    Nice pics Hevs, a rare day indeed.

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