The Island that keeps on giving – Eigg the “Singing Sands” and the Beinn Bhuidhe Ridge.

Another special day on the Island of Eigg. The snow was thawing and we had a bit of early rain so it was a later start. There is no rush on the West Coast and a bit of “Hebridean lassitude ” had meant we waited until the rain stopped’

The plan wasto visit the famous Singing Sands and then the ridge walk along Beinn Bhuide ridge. At only 336 metres it is a real magic day! We wandered along the road now in bright sunshine to Cleadale where we knocked the door of the cafe and got tea for 10 ! It also is where the taxi for the Island  is outside and  it was a Black London cab what a place!  We had some great hospitality with a view of the sea. And Rum.

It was on to the Singing Sands a magic beach here we had lunch. The beach had been cleaned up with so much plastic and rubbish washed in from the sea!

A modern tragedy and great work by all the locals who have a constant battle to keep it clean a modern tragedy what waste we throw in the sea and the environmental damage the world and to Nature is a disaster for the future?

A basalt dyke down by the Singing beach with Rum in the cloud! The beach was hard to leave but we had a small hill to climb!

The Singing Sands

Then it was a short pull from sea level up onto the summit of Dunan  Thalasgair at 336 metres . It was steep but a great path to the summit and the views of the Islands .

It was another wonderful day with a glimpse of a Sea Eagle over the sea. The hills on Rum old pals were lightly snow covered and hit by squalls. Most of the snow was going but what a fun walk.

This is another superb viewpoint and then an amazing ridge walk along Sgor an Fharaidh. These huge cliffs and pinnacles are wild with waterfalls every now and again that ran down the great cliffs.

Droplets of water blasted up from the waterfall on the updraught. Photo Ray Harron

Droplets of water blasted up from the waterfall on the updraught. Photo Ray Harron

The wind was blowing up the water into small drops like a shower that glistened in the sun it was incredible . I have seen waterfalls blowing uphill on bad days on the hill but this was special and Ray Harron captured it in the photo. What a day we were having.

The massive waterfall on the cliffs – does it ever freeze ? I met a old pal and his family on the ridge  a veteran of the Old Man Of Hoy. It is amazing how small the world is.

Looking back this was one of the best ridge walks and though just over a 1000 feet it is stunning. You have to go close to the edge to spot the waterfalls and wild rock places the primroses and flowers that cling to the cliffs.

You have to be careful though it is steep ground.

The descent from the cliffs takes you down some steep ground and through grand rock scenery! The finger of God a rock formation is above and a bit windy to get to today maybe. We wound our way down the path back to the road past lambs enjoying the sun and the snow retreating from the hills.

The walk back was in the sun and quick shower then down to the pub /cafe for a great meal. It was superb food at a great price and good company, it also is the Island bar.  Now that is another story !As the night wore on we all came back to the bunkhouse along with some of Glasgow University Students and the music flowed!


About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to The Island that keeps on giving – Eigg the “Singing Sands” and the Beinn Bhuidhe Ridge.

  1. Donald Watt says:

    Eigg is one of my favourite places on the planet. Have had many memorable days on the island. The Sgurr must be one of the best viewpoints in Scotland, never been lucky enough to get it under snow cover. All the small Isles are magic and so different, lovely beaches on Muck , Canna has a very different feel to it , Rum is superbe and Eigg is wonderful!!Your photos are great and make me want to pay a visit soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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