Day 3 – the isle of Eigg a visit to the Massacre and Cathedral Caves!

It was a great night and we had a few of the Glasgow University who are tough people and camping nearby the harbour they  visited us in the Glebe Barn! It was a musical night full of tales and went on a bit as the weather changed outside and the wind an rain battered the Windows! A slow day followed for me and a few others and we had tea and cakes down at the harbour after waiting for the weather to brighten! A few left today on the ferry to get back to work and the sun came out and we took the well marked  path to the caves!

We never saw this till after our visit.

We never saw this till after our visit.

There were lots of flowers about and I am sure we saw the famous Isle of Eigg bluebells/ harebells on the walk! The flowers are out and even the early orchid was down by the sea along with primroses in abundance! It is a magic wander along the fields near the coast well marked and always a view of the great cliffs of An Sgurr dominates.

The Massacre Cave has a grim tale of the murder of nearly 400 locals in a clan feud where they hide in the cave only to be located and the cave set on fire only 1 survived !

The cave is a tight squeeze at the entrance and then opens into a passage of there is plenty of room inside! It is well worth a visit  and the torches were handy and it was an interesting visit.

Moray Cave Dweller.

Moray Cave Dweller.

A few then walked over to the Cathedral Cave and other round for views of the Sgurr. I headed back along the track and had a chilled afternoon! The weather was fine and the hills nearly bare of snow !

Inside the Massacre Cave beware there is a warning about loose rocks, we never saw it till after our visit. Photo Ray Harron

Inside the Massacre Cave beware there is a warning about loose rocks, we never saw it till after our visit. Photo Ray Harron

Others ran, cycled and wandered all over and the weather broke later in the day there were a few wet boots but with the fire on it is a magic place to be! I had an early night and today we leave the weather looks rough and I hope the ferry runs! If not such is life on an Island!
What a magic trip an other incredible place od stunning beauty and great people. The winters day on An Sgurr was one in a million! How many have climbed An Sgurr in a day like that! One of the locals Creg Charr took a photo of us heading into the hills! Thanks Creg for the use of it!

It sums up  one of the best weekends ever , great people, hills and memories!

Greg Carr great photo of us below “wee men & women” on An Sgurr approach via the Eigg Glacier !

Thanks Eigg “the Island that kept on giving”

Also special thanks to the The Glebe Barn a magic place to be and stay ! The fire at the end of the day made it so special.

Thank you Tasmin and Stu what a great place one of the best I have ever stayed in!

The weather is still bit wild now we leave late this afternoon weather permitting – we will see!

More photos to follow !

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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