Out for the Weekend! 

I am down South enjoying some special time with the Grandkids its Lexi’s 6 th birthday and what fun we are having . Her sister Ellie Skye is 2 and I was wakend by them both at 0630 yesterday! It was special and the weather was excellent and the paddling pool saw action before breakfast in the sun!


It had been a long day – I visited Robyn in Aberdeen had lunch and then off doing a show for the BBC Radio Scotland with Louise White ” Out for the weekend ” and I enjoyed it! It is not easy as its live but Louise and the team were magic. !
It was on a 1400 but just as we started Scotland’s first Minister gave a big interview so I it was surreal at the time. Louise loves the wild places and we had hopefully a good chat it is on IPlayer and attach the link! We got some great messages so thanks and I hope you enjoy it!


It seemed to go well and we chatted about a great weekend on Eigg and why we go to the hills! I had a chat with Phil Paterson who was born 6 weeks after his father was killed in a plane crash in 1944! I took him and his sons on his 70 Th birthday to the crash site deep in the Cairngorms! It was magic to speak to Phil again.
We spoke about Mountain Rescue my love of the wild and about the tragedy of Lockerbie! It was hard but worth reminding about the effects of PTSD and the incredible work of the Mountain Rescue Teams!

After this I drove down South a 9 hour journey in great weather to see the grand kids! My head was buzzing after the interview and it all went so quick! The roads were quite and I had time to ponder on the day.

I had just done some work for Torridon and Dundonnell MRT as they are having a a Trim weekend speaking about PTSD  so my mind was a bit full! I passed Lockerbie on my journey and the sun was shinning and even now it still hurts the memories!

Arriving I was tired and had a chat with my lovely step daughter and then bed! I slept so well and then these two wonderful kids woke me up!

What a day we have had the presents the party at a fun gym and then a walk with the dog in the sun with special people! Shorts on all day and laughter of kids ! A BBQ to end more fun in the paddling pool!

A Bedtime story of the Dolphins cuddles and so much laughter! Ending the day with a dram with Dave and Yvette a fire and then sleep!
Wow – my life is so good with the laughter of kids all day and such little bundles of joy!

Never take it for granted!

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Out for the Weekend! 

  1. Hi Heavy, heard you on the radio at work. You came across really well – despite Nicola’s interruption before you’d even got into your stride – and told lots of interesting stories. Radio worth listening to. Great spending time with the kids too – they look a lovely pair of girls and are such a joy at that age.

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