Missing Hillwalker in Glen Lui located – a sad day.

10:02 Friday 13 May 2016 –

Sad news but at least the family can get closure, fantastic commitment from Braemar MRT and all the other MR teams in Scotland who assisted them.

The family of a missing hillwalker have been informed after a body was found in the Cairngorms.

Jim Robertson was reported missing when he failed to return from a trip to the hills in early March.

Extensive searches have been carried out for the 61-year-old from the Glasgow area.
An operation is under way to recover the remains, which were discovered in the Glen Lui area on Thursday night.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police Scotland can confirm that a body has been found in the Glen Lui area of the Cairngorms, Aberdeenshire.

“An operation is currently underway to recover the body, which was discovered last night, and more information will be issued when available.”

Read more: http://www.deesidepiper.co.uk/news/local-headlines/missing-hillwalker-body-found-1-4127119#ixzz48XIR7Rtn

Lyn Robertson – “From the very beginning, the rescue volunteers have given us every reason to put all our trust in them. They gave us hope when initially we thought nothing could be done for our dad. As the days passed, they treated us with honesty and helped us come to terms with the overwhelming loss. Moreover they reassured us and showed a commitment to our dad that never once wavered. Words can’t say what we feel for each and every one of them.

I’d like to ask that our dad is not remembered as ‘a body found in the Cairngorms’ but as a doting father, an adored brother, a loving son and of course a true hill lover.”

Lovely words from the family despite the sad outcome again the Mountain Rescue Family did all the could over the months in the search for Jim.

Jim Robertson still missing.

Jim Robertson 

Update 18 May 2016 – A body found in the Cairngorms has been identified as a climber who disappeared more than two months ago.

Jim Robertson from Glasgow was reported missing when he failed to return from a trip to the area in March.

His body was found in the Glen Lui area of the Cairngorms last week and he was formally identified on Tuesday.

Mr Robertson’s family plans to hold a service for the 61-year-old later this month.

His daughter, Lynn, said: “Although the loss of our dad is heartbreaking for us, we are so happy and blessed to have had him in our lives and we are really hoping this feeling will shine through the on the day.”

A major search was launched in the days following Mr Robertson’s disappearance involving more than 80 mountain rescue volunteers, police officers, search dogs and the coastguard.

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