The Whole Spectrum of life in one night and day.

Yesterday I Travelled through the night to Ayr (my home town) from my grand daughters near Reading a long journey. It was the whole spectrum in one night. leaving these two lovely wee girls so happy and then to sadness in Ayr.

Many ask why I drive at night but for me the roads are a lot quieter especially when driving from the busy South. I really dislike driving but it is a means to an end for me and allows me to be flexible and visit my family on the way back .

I have had a great time down South and been so well looked after by My Stepdaughter Yvette, Dave and the kids. They are at a lovely age 2 and 6 and such fun. We had Lexi 6th birthday in great weather oh to be that age again! We sis so many things so many laughs and so much fun.

Before I left after a great dinner we walked the dog and then I got a few hours sleep ready for my big drive North. I woke up at 0200 and it’s about 6 hours drive depending how I feel as to what time I get to Ayr ! This has been a great trip and I have enjoyed so much special time with those that mean so much to me. The drive went well and breakfast at Gretna was enjoyed as was the sunrise near the Lakes.

Ayr is my home town (well done Ayr United on getting promotion yesterday) and it will be my first visit since I lost my Sister Jenifer a few months ago! My brother in Law Fergus has been very ill as well so it was to be a hard trip home this time.  Unfortunately he passed away during the night I travelled but at least I was their for my sister Eleanor in the morning. when I arrived just after 0900.

What can you say at times like this but at least Fergus is out of his pain and his last few days in palliative care he was well looked after. Fergus was a lovely man we spent lots of time chatting and he gave me such good advice over the years. We had such varied politics but we loved football and sport. I used to love the Christmas dinner football match in the yard , he took no prisoners. We had a great trip with Fergus to Mallaig on the Steam Railway the thing he loved as railways were his other love after working and managing in them for so many years. He has been a loving caring husband to my sister Eleanor, father to Richard Judith and the grand kids and leaves a huge hole in all our lives.
I managed to spend a few hours with my sister and Fergus’s long illness in a way prepares you for the inevitable but it has hit the family hard. We had a walk and a meal out and what a strong lassie she is. They are a strong family unit who have a strong love for each other. Richard and Judith have been a tower of strength and their Dad would be proud of them. They will like us all be there for Eleanor in the days and month ahead and we have to be glad Fergus is now out of his pain.
I had a short nap in the afternoon and headed home, that is what Eleanor wanted. I was supposed to visit to freinds in Crainarich and Onich but not today I was shattered. It was hard leaving Ayrshire but a lovely drive through the Highlands , the views of Arran before I left Ayr looking moody in the light were as always special.
Arran and Goatfell.

Arran and Goatfell.

Goatfell the Islands highest mountain so dominates  every view  more so today . This Island is loved and  means so much to all of us as does my home town of Ayr.
There are hard days ahead with a whole spectrum of life in one day for me.
Look after those you love and treasure them every day. Live every day and never take anything for granted.
I need some some time to contemplate now.

I need some some time to contemplate now.

My thoughts are with Eleanor, Richard and Judith and their families.

Lots of memories of a good man, who lived a great life.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to The Whole Spectrum of life in one night and day.

  1. Lyndon Jones says:

    Another moving account of your life Dave. To see you so happy with your grandchildren and then to such sadness with your Brother-in-law passing, I’m sorry for yours and your families loss.

    You are quite right that the strength, love and support of a close family is an absolute God send. I’ve just had a serious illness resulting in me arresting 3 times and was not expected to recover. My Wife, two Boys stayed by me for ten days after which I woke from the coma, I’ve a long way to go but my family didn’t give up and I definitely won’t take another day for granted.

    Take care of yourself, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers…..

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