Early walk to Greenan Castle and celebration of a life of a Gentle -man.

The weather was wonderful again yesterday and I had an early morning walk along Ayr Beach to Greenan Castle passing so many runners and walkers enjoying the early morning sun. Ayr was shimmering in the distance and what a way to start a busy day ahead. I enjoyed the wander and remember my early rambles along this coast  as a very young lad to the Heads of Ayr and the caves, they seemed so far away then and a world of adventure. I must have been about 10 or 11 and I was allowed that freedom all these years ago by my parents, which I could never repay that love of these places and the freedom they gave me. I was in Ayr for my Brother in Laws funeral he had been ill for a while and though a sad day it was a celebration of a great life. The service was in my Dad’s old church which was packed by many of his congregation, so many memories. It was a hugely moving service, bright colours and laughter at times and the minister Abbey did us all proud. He spoke and there was a great message in his words, my Dad would have been impressed.  There were some tales of Fergus a huge figure in the Church in Brutish Rail,  yet Fergus was so unassuming  what a life and great love for my sister Eleanor his wife and she was as he said “his best friend”, his family and the Church.

Greenan Castle May

This is the way it should be and the family and the minister took us on a great journey on a life of incredible achievement. Fergus loved his family, the church and trains. There  were so many tales, it was incredible, he was the man behind the Scotrail logo a lifetime in Scottish Rail management, and the Coal Industry and what a life he had but it all centred on the family and his values in life.



Yet he was not afraid to tell the Neds to behave on the train if he met them!  Richard his son and Judith gave great eulogies and the church was full of laughter and love and I had a few tears. As we left the 5 Grandkids handed out “Wothers originals sweets”to the congregation a wonderful touch. That was a great idea and all there got so much out of a great celebration of Fergus.s life. It is amazing how much strength folk get from their beliefs and the love of each other, I am always amazed by this even in a time of great sadness,

As I left Church watched my sister and the family shake hands with everyone and the usual Scottish reticence was not there. Folk were smiling and so many old friendly faces and my sister and the family getting so much from each one. The term “Gentle man” is seldom used but Fergus was a gentleman in the true sense. Yet he fought and spoke up for the individual and was scared of no one and always spoke from the heart. Fergus in the last year had a hard time in hospital but it gave us time to appreciate what a man he was and the comments from so many said the same thing. I am glad he is out of his pain and in a better place and as we had a cup of tea at the Hotel after the funeral with many friends, the Arran hills were shinning in the sun. Fergus and Eleanor love Arran and they have so many memories of a great life together.  The family is strong their love immense and as I drove back I have happy memories of a lovely but sad visit to Ayr.

I stopped near the Cairngorms and had a few minutes, the hills were sparkling and though tired it was a great trip home, my mind on overdrive after a bust few days. I cannot wait to get out this weekend and clear the mind on the mountains.



Thanks for all the kind words they are appreciated, look after those you love, life is too short  and try to live a good life and care for those you love. Thanks Fergus and family he would be proud of you all. xxxx

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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