Low key weekend a visit to a new cliff and a walk round the Windfarm! New gems every day in Moray.

2016 Crag Z June

2016 “Crag Z” June

This weekend was blessed by good weather and despite my injury managed to get about a bit. My mate Pete wanted to show me a new rock climbing crag that he reckoned could produce a few climbs and on Saturday afternoon we went down for a look. On the way the Red Arrows gave grand display over Moray always worth a look

What a beach on the Moray Coast anyone name it? Lots of Surfers out an a family football better than the Scotland game.

What a beach on the Moray Coast anyone name it? Lots of Surfers out an a family football better than the Scotland game.

.  I cannot climb just now as I a muscle injury in my chest but Pete got me down to the Sea Cliff and I belayed him as he climbed a couple of routes. They were not hard but Pete enjoyed it and great care has to be taken with loose rock and belays. It was in a lovely cove with the sea  the rocks, the cliffs and a steep descent a carpet of sea thrift. that I used a rope on. It is sad to see the plastic and debris is such a place plastic bottles everywhere and so much rubbish about, how badly we treat this planet. It was a great day though we were out of the sun for most of the afternoon but it was fun to be out despite not getting to climb.  The sea was pretty rough with a big swell and as always great views and constant noise, it was grand to be out again and I cannot wait to go climbing again.  As we drove back the sun was out and I had enjoyed the day and being in a new area and a bit of adventure for the afternoon.

Pete A jUNE 2016

Pete on the way home.

We will go back soon as my injury is sorted and maybe in a while tell you where the crag is.  After I got back and had a wander in the sun to Cummingston my local cliff and then listened to the Scotland game on the radio it was awful. When will it change, Scotland and rubbish football, these are sad days if you support Scotland.


On Sunday I wanted to go on the hill but decided that the injury needs some time yet so my self and Derrick had a wander in the sun round the big Wind farm near Forres Berry Burn. It was a lovely day and you forget how big the wind turbines are and its a big site. I was amazed at the scale of it all and how tidy the area was but what huge roads they have to support them on their building and maintenance. There are more going up nearby very near houses and is this the future?.

Wee man - Big wind Farm.

Wee man – Big wind Farm.

It was a huge complex on an Industrial scale and we had a wander round, these wind turbines are massive. The roads are massive and these are massive turbines, it was interesting to see the wind farm now that it is up and running.

Berry Burn Wind Farm is located near to the South of Forres in Moray, Scotland.
It has been operational since 2014.

Key Facts Number of Turbines 29

– Capacity 66.7mw  Equivalent homes served  – 44,400*

That is the facts and each year a local Community Fund gets about £165000 annually for local Charities. I was amazed at the new fences going up they seem “environmentally friendly” and the wild life especially bird life about was incredible, sky larks, curlews, oyster catchers and many more and the odd deer about. The Turbines were not going that much just a constant slow “woosh” and a bit of engineering noise but it was an interesting walk about. Many know my views on wind farms but it was an educational wander about. The roads would make great Mountain Biking if Health and Safety allowed. I just wonder how much the UK benefits from such a site and if they had to be built why not by the UK government and all the profit if they are goes back into the country not to hidden investors abroad?

2016 Seas June

I wanted to get back and watch Andy Murray in the afternoon so it was so warm that I had another wander with the radio earphones on and wandered along the coast. The seas were still big and the seas and sky so clear. There was no one on the crag just a family by the cliffs and i did a bit of bouldering taking care, getting a bit better with the injury. Poor old Andy did well but another Day of disappointment for him but I enjoyed the game and love listening to it on the radio in such  surroundings. I was getting a few texts about the hills from friends  and my pal on the Fannichs had a great day texting me on her last summit and saying how hot and incredible it was.

I hope to be out next week maybe on the hills but I had a great weekend low-key but enjoyed some of my lovely area and finding new gems every day.

What a beach on the Moray Coast anyone name it? Lots of Surfers out an a family football better than the Scotland game.

What a beach on the Moray Coast anyone name it? Lots of Surfers out an a family football better than the Scotland game.


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