Celtman Memories 2016 – The Torridon and Kinlochewe MRT Team had a call – out that night what an effort.



The Celtmen

The dark cold loch, against wind and tide.
A few seals watching,
red hatted humans bobbing!
long cycle past mountains high
Against strong winds that could make you cry!
They grind up hills, the pain in thighs.
Then the run, the rain, wind and mist.
Why do they do this?
Long months of training, the pain and stress
Yet they all do their best.
To swim and cycle and then to run
They do this all for fun.
On the hill when pain is high
At times they may want to cry.
Something inner drives them on
They are unique this band of friends.
They all are Celtmen first and last.
They all have done their best.
No matter where they finish up
There is no trophy there is no cup.
So if this badly written poem you read.
Spare a thought for those who care.
And to all those who dare.
To take on nature in the raw.
Celtman people are the best.
From far and wide they came.
Have a safe journey hame!


Great care on the swim on the Celtman

Great care on the swim on the Celtman

From the Team leader Torridon and Kinlochewe MRT –

“received a call from Highland & Islands Police Division at around 7pm Sunday (26th) that a walker was over due on the Ben Bhan area of the Applecross hills, team deployed to the hill and searched till 2am with no success.
A full team call out was then instigated this morning with the assistance from RAF Lossiemouth MRT, Rescue 951, SARDA & Rescue 948 this afternoon. At around mid afternoon the casualty was located on the top of Ben Bhan very cold and wet, the casualty was then escorted to beneath the cloud base and airlifted to safety by Rescue 948. A massive multi agency effort put in by all involved resulted in the best possible out come, we wish the causality a speedy recovery and many thanks to RAF MRT, SARDA & Bristows UK SAR for all of their assistance.”

Torridon mrt badge

This was after a huge day on the Celtman a few maybe got an hour of sleep. These are incredible people and never take them for granted. Well done all involved.


About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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