Applecross with OutfitMoray – Archery, Coasteering and hillwalking what a busy few days!

I am away with OutfitMoray in Applecross for a few days – it’s been wet and not July weather but we are having fun! We have a group of kids and it is going well!

We left the Moray Med to lots of sun – Lossiemouth Beach in the sun!

The journey to Applecross on the West Coast was fine and we had lunch near Contin in the Forestry – no midges! The kids were impressed by the scenery on the way!

We have lots of gear for all the activities we plan for the kids ! It will be hard work but fun! It is a logistics effort to get all the kit to our base!

It’s a lot of gear to take but it went well and we had a good journey of about 3 hours stoping at Sheildag on the coast a magic place! I was only here last week on the Celtman!

Applecross is great and the accommodation good and the midges not bad at all! The heavy rain is interesting that comes with little warning as is the self Catering aspect but all are getting involved and enjoying learning many new skills! The stags were down early in the morning and a few new born deer calves were near the house in the trees.

Yesterday’s Archery class’s with our great instructors lots of new skills and fun in the rain! It is a lot  harder than it looks especially if your bow is upside down! (Well done Heavy)

The crab and the monster with it were put back in the water! It was the right thing to do!

The crab and the monster with it were put back in the water! It was the right thing to do!

Coasteering is a physical activity that encompasses movement along the intertidal zone of a rocky coastline on foot or by swimming, without the aid of boats, surf boards or other craft. It is difficult to define the precise boundaries between, for example, rockpooling and ocean swimming. Coasteering may include all or some of the following:

  • Swimming or Adventure Swimming: in calm water; rough or white water; and/ or tidal currents. Dressing for swimming in the sea (wetsuits, buoyancy aids etc.) is an integral part of Coasteering; even on routes where it is possible to stay dry. A route, or activity, where the group start out with the intention of staying dry – whether through route choice or the use of ropes and harnesses – is not coasteering.
  • Climbing, scrambling, canyoning, sea level traversing: the very nature of the coastline that is needed for coasteering demands aspects of these activities. Ropes, as security on rock, are not used. Any climbing activity usually takes place above deep water, with safety spotters used where appropriate. There is a similarity to the sport of deep-water soloing, but this would normally be carried out by experienced individuals not wearing equipment suitable for coasteering. Coasteering is never a dry, climbing activity.
  • Jumping and Diving: are often seen as an appealing and exciting part of coasteering. These activities actually make up minimal content of a coasteering session.

A defining factor of coasteering is the opportunity provided by the marine geology for moving in the “impact zone” where water, waves, rocks, gullies, caves etc., come together to provide a very high energy environment.

We went Coasteering and had some great fun in the water! We saw so many interesting things like Starfish and this huge crab ! That we put back in the water it was a morning of fun and learning despite the rain!

The stunning coast even in the rain lots of new adventures and wild life to see an amazing day.

The stunning coast even in the rain lots of new adventures and wild life to see an amazing day. The colour of the water is amazing.

A few of us conquered fears and enjoyed the swimming and rock scrambling in the stunning coast! They all enjoyed swimming and jumping off  the rocks ! The water was turquoise and incredibly deep in places but we were all well looked after!  It was pretty physical and we were glad of a break and dry clothes after this day!
After each event we sort out the kit and the drying room is busy! All the gear that was on the sea is given a fresh water wash to get rid of the salt and the kids sort it all out! Good skills for life looking after your gear.

Star fish

Star fish

I have been helping our cook with the breakfast up at 0630 and when back after a busy day the dinner! The kids have been laying tables and helping in the kitchen at times!

The evening meal was cooked by Ian our 5 star Chef and there was little left on the plates after a busy day!  The evening was spent by the kids making memory boxes to remind us of the adventures we had and it will be interesting to see what goes in them ! There are some great designs already !Many have shells and stones from the hillwalking that the other group did in wild weather!

Looking after each other great photos Cameron!

Looking after each other great photos Cameron!

What a couple of days what will today bring – Climbing & canoeing maybe but so many new adventures and lots of new skills!

The kids are having fun and so am I ?

Will I be able to manage the pace ?Body hurting already and its only Day 2.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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