Applecross – Outfitmoray – Gorge Walking and Mountain Biking.

Today we went Gorge Walking what a great day our two instructors Dan and Kev had found a great area nearby to show the kids this great sport. It was a bit of a sort out after breakfast and our group were soon all ready with wet suits, buoyancy aids, helmets and

Brave as lions.

Brave as lions.

our boots on as the ground and rivers rocks would be slippy. We had to watch the weather as the rivers were rising. It was an expectant group of 5 kids and 3 adults that made the short drive to our Gorge.

Gorge walking is a perfect outdoor activity for families with young children and those seeking a fun outdoor adventure. Similar to Canyoning, it involves getting kitted up in specialist outdoor equipment and enjoying wild swimming through natural pools, small jumps, fun slides down natural water flumes and scrambling and sliding down some of Scotland’s most beautiful gorges.

There is a distinct difference between Gorge Walking & Canyoning. Gorge Walking is a walk up or down a river including jumps and slides. Canyoning is its big brother – only a descent is possible and involves jumps, slides and harnessed abseils. We are proud to offer both activities.

Entering the Gorg

Entering the Gorge.

The Applecross road is busy and many a biker and a motorist would wonder at what we were up to? The other group would follow about 10 mins behind us.


Gaining confidence. Me as well, great effort by all and expert advice from Kev, Dan, Cameron and the big fellow.

The kids loved it it was a walk to the beach along slippy grass and heather and then into the river and we were off. Ian leading the way and into the narrow gorge and then after 10 minutes a grand waterfall. All the kids were impressive and they loved the jump of under the waterfall and the power of the water.


The waterfall pool

The waterfall pool – with Kev checking it out.

This was a highlight and all jumped off into the water after scrambling up to the waterfall it was a great fun event and the kids loved it. It was then a steep hike up past the falls and back into the river but the camera refused to function but what a laugh we had.

The power of nature

The power of nature and the on on the rocks.

We had more fun all the way up the river and after a couple of hours we were all pretty tired and once you stop it gets cold. It was back to the Centre at Applecross for a warm shower and eat our lunch and then sort out the gear for the afternoons adventure Mountain Biking,

The weather got better for the cycle.

The weather got better for the cycle.

Biking in the afternoon

Biking in the afternoon.

In the afternoon we went for a bike ride and the sun came out down into Applecross and enjoyed the lovely evening and some fun by the sea. Applecross is very busy and the well known Applecross Inn very busy. We had an excellent ice cream from the van outside best ice cream ever and I recommend the cherry flavour. It was then a cycle back and a a bit off road skills that we all learned loads from. It was a tired crew that night and after a good meal and clean up it was time for a bit of free time then sort out the nights activities. A few went for a walk and the others worked on their memory boxes.


Great views of Applecross after a magic day.

Great views of Applecross after a magic day.

I am pretty tired 4 days on the go and the kids seem to be getting that way, what a bunch and what will tomorrow bring?





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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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