Jura – Beinn an Oir 785 metres a busy day!

Jura – Beinn an Oir a busy day!
I get talked into these things.A friend Babs had tried before to climb the Paps of Jura but bad weather had stopped her. On Eigg she asked if I fancied going and if she organised it I would . I was wanting to climb the Corbett Beinn an Oir so we planned a short visit! Jura is an island on the West coast and the ferry we took is from Tayvallich about 50 miles south of Oban! It was the early start up at 0200 and pick up Babs from Dunphail at just after 0300. Loading the bikes with midges for early breakfast was annoying and then the long drive to Tayvallich was interesting ! I had a warning light engine temperature that made the journey interesting with a few stops to add some more coolant and for me worry a bit will the car make it?

From Oban the road is windy and I was feeling tired it keeps you focused and it was raining when we arrived early for our ferry at 1000! The weather report for the day – getting better in the afternoon!

I like not to rush especially on the right roads and it was a deserted village when we arrived at the ferry. The  last few miles were along by the loch on a single track road. It is an area of Scotland I do not know well but very bonny in the grey early morning light!There were lots of boats about and a cafe that opened at 0900 an early breakfast looked great!

The view from the cafe! What a spot and a great meal quick and tasty and grea views!

We had time for a quick snooze Babs was gone in seconds and I sorted out the bikes and the car park money that was going to the local village hall for upkeep in an honesty box. It was then to the cafe for a great breakfast and down to the ferry to watch our boat come in!

Our boat a great trip over  and well worth the £20 each way ferry fee and a real character who runs it!

The ferry is based in Jurra and it offloaded lots of passengers from the weekend ! We loaded the bikes and waited for two others and then we were off!

With our bikes stowed on board and ready to go for a fast one hour trip to Jurra ! It was a bit bumpy and limited views and stronger winds than we thought! As we neared Jura and Craighouse we could see the white buildings of the Jurra distillery and a very low cloud base of about 1000 feet (300 metres) it was pretty wind as well even at sea level. It would be an interesting day on the hill!  Our boatman told us due to bad weather and tides we would leave Jurra to go back to the mainland at 1300 next day. We had limited time. 

It was then unloaded the bikes and wander to the Jurra Hotel where we are staying to drop of kit and head for the hills it was now just before 1200! 

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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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