Jura tips?

juraTip one

Never rush on an Island and add an extra days if you can. It will be worth it. Take time to stand and stare.

The Jura Ferry magic

The Jura Ferry magic

Tip two

Give plenty of time for the drive to the ferry the roads can be slow. The last bit to the Ferry is single track and care should be taken.

Tip 3.

Ferrys are weather dependant! We used the Jura Passenger Ferry  leaves from Tayvallich – Parking available for a donation to the Community Centre Car Park Craighouse Ferry is £ 20 each way 2016 –  it was magic but only runs in the Summer months. Cal Mac Runs all year but check the timetable. Lovely Cafe at the Ferry point opens at 0900 in summer recommended.

Bike travel

Bike travel

Tip 4.

Take a bike worth all the hassle.

Tip 5.

Whether you camp, tent, B and B or Hotel book up it may be busy. Food is all at a reasonable price and the Community shop is well stocked and fair prices. The Jura Hotel has a great campsite and is very friendly to all. There are other places to eat “the Antler” was also good food.

Camp site "The Field " by the distillery and Hotel

Camp site “The Field ” by the distillery and Hotel

Tip 6.

Be aware of midges and ticks. We were lucky we missed the midges?


Tip 7.

Enjoy the mountains but remember these are big hills in bad weather. Take care and they are remote.”Ankle twisting rock and scree, or knee high grass, heather and bracken and travel can be painfully slow” Take care  There is so much to do and why rush it into one long day?

"Ankle twisting rock and scree, or knee high grass, heather and bracken and travel can be painfully slow"

“Ankle twisting rock and scree, or knee high grass, heather and bracken and travel can be painfully slow” Take it easy and enjoy.


A past life on a Rescue on Jura.

A past life on a Rescue on Jura.

Tip 8.

Take time to enjoy this and all the Islands there is so much to do and see if we only look?


Tip 9 and 10

I must go back and visit the Jura distillery and climb the rest of the Paps and visit more of this wonderful place and its secrets.


Now a winter trip sounds interesting any takers? Or a visit by boat?

The Jura Fell Race 27 May 2017 –

“The Isle of Jura Fell Race is a classic on everyone’s wish list – being a true test of hillcraft, endurance and fell running technique. It is one of the toughest challenges in British hill racing at this distance, and one of the best weekends on the calendar.”

jura hill race

The Jura Folk Festival –



Now in its 23rd year, The Isle of Jura Musical Festival is a well-established favourite for lovers of the traditional music scene. From the locals Friday night ceilidh right through to the Sunday night concert in the distillery co-operage, headlined by Skippinish, enjoy a weekend packed with fantastic performances, stimulating workshops, spontaneous sessions and great craic.

The Jura Regatta – 7th August

A great book!

A great book!

Fully revised and updated, this is the only book with detailed information and maps on every Scottish island. With the author’s own paintings liberally illustrating it, this beautiful guide will take you everywhere, whether by armchair or yacht.

From the abandoned crofts of Mingulay and the standing stones of Orkney to the white beaches of Colonsay and the spectacular Cuillins of Skye, this is the first complete gazetteer to cover all of Scotland’s many hundreds of islands, including those which are uninhabited and those which are notoriously difficult to reach.

Packed with information on access, anchorages, points of historical or natural interest and things to do and see, this fascinating compendium provides indispensable information for touring, for browsing, for reference, and for all of those travellers who wish to experience some of the most beautiful and remote places in the world.

No other book begins to emulate the range and depth of the information contained in The Scottish Islands. Illustrated with full-colour illustrations and relief maps of all the main islands, this is both an impressive work of reference and a fascinating personal view of Scotland’s distant outposts.

So many things to do so little time?


There are two plane crashes from the war on Jura and due to the weather and time I missed them. Has anyone got information on this one and an updated grid reference would help. 2/1/1945 –  Fairey Barracuda Beinn an Orr grid ref 61/495745 ( unchecked)  – flew from Ayr both crew killed  operating from Ayr with 815 NAS, crashed into Beinn an Orr, Paps of Jura. Lt Cdr D Norcock (Squadron Commanding Officer), S/Lt WM Moncrieff and PO LW Gurden all killed)
2000 – wreckage airlifted by 819 NAS Sea King to nearest road
12/2000 – wreckage moved by road from Jura to Yeovilton and placed outside Cobham Hall store

The plane which had crashed on the island of Jura. The aircraft had been flown by the CO of 815 Squadron and had gone missing while on a training mission in January 1945. The wreckage was recovered by the Fleet Air Arm museum in 2000.


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