Hot showers at Loch Ossian – after 85 years! An epic day on the Munros flashback!

Loch Ossian Youth Hostel is a special place and I was there this winter with my local climbing club and have used it on many occasions in the past. It was a place of great refuge during my big walks across Scotland in the 70’s and I have so many memories of this place and the warden Tom Rigg RIP a real character and great pal, who sadly passed away recently. I have great memories of huge walks in winter epic days and getting the key for the winter when the Hostel was closed and roaring fires and my dog smouldering  asleep and nearly going on fire after an epic winter day.  We hid rations and coal and the odd drink dropped off by helicopter when planning the walks or walked in from the station. There were great days also in the summer, swims in the loch, fishing and always a party at the end of a day.  Deer alwaus about at the Hostel and so much wild life this is some place to be. Access by foot, train or bike were all used this is a special place. In recent years did a few call -outs and drove in using the Hostel as a Base. It is some place to be surrounded by great hills and usually you meet some characters.

Teallach at the old pier is it still there, I did not see it last time?

Teallach at the old pier is it still there, I did not see it last time?

Loch Ossian Youth Hostel is only accessible by rail, bike or foot. Corrour railway station (West Highlands Glasgow to Fort William line) is the highest mainline railway station in the UK and the youth hostel is a short, approximately 20 minute walk from the station along a well-made track.


Loch Ossian

Loch Ossian

For the first time in its 85 year history Loch Ossian Youth Hostel has hot showers. This, and other facility enhancements including a fridge, is thanks to the development of locally sourced hydro power to complement its existing micro generated solar power supply. Youth hostel staff are very proud of the eco-hostel status, with other green initiatives such as composting toilets and a reed bed to soak away for grey water.

The famous Youth Hostel.

The famous Youth Hostel. Loch Ossian.

This is an area of many hills and such wild life and yet still remote away from the railway. well worth a visit and with showers now that will stop the winter swims in the Loch,

The Ossian Munros

The Ossian Munros – great days in winter they can be big days.

I doubt it.

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2 Responses to Hot showers at Loch Ossian – after 85 years! An epic day on the Munros flashback!

  1. Mike Royle says:

    Ah, Tom Rigg- What a guy!
    I last stayed at this hostel in 2012, during a solo walk over the British 3000’s. Tom may have gone, but there was still a warm welcome. Tom used to log the details of anyone who took up his challenge to run round the loch in under the hour. To my delight, that log was still there- and my name in it- recalling my first encounter with him, when I stayed there a quarter of a century earlier, on my first big walk, and carrying way too much- including a fishing rod. Those trout I caught in the loch were so full of intestinal worms that, desperate for food, and fearful of eating worms, I fried the fish to a dark crisp before eating them. Calorific value? probably zero- so I survived on the 40 sachets of Alpen I pinched from the Airmen’s Mess at Leuchars!

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