Wet and midge madness on the West, but sunny at Inverness. A sunset to end the day!

Wet day so we ran away !

Wet day so we ran away ! What a shame but I want to see these hills in good weather.

“The best laid schemes of mice and men” were dashed yesterday as we avoided the tourists with an early start and a wet trip to Kintail on the West Coast. It rained all the way and as we passed Loch Carron is got heavier and the cloud lower and the lights were on in the car. The forecast had said as much but we still thought it may get better. I had so wanted to get this new hill in the Corbett Aonach Buidhe but I want to savour this hill and its views and a long day in the mist, rain and midges were a no brainer. It was an easy decision so we took the long way back chasing the weather through Kintail and passed a walker in full midge face mask setting of into the hills, rain and mist. A hero or madman? The Cluanie Loch is very low and the old road and bridge showing but too midge driven for a photo.

The drive back through Kintail and on to the A82 was busy so many massive trucks and work on the Wind farms, forestry clearances  and other new builds, what a change in this area and one I wrote about before in 2012. 

Glen Rowan Cafe magic bacon roll

Glen Rowan Cafe magic bacon roll

Please note this is from my blog on 25 April 2012.

“As I drove up yesterday across to the West Coast I was amazed at the amount of trees that have been harvested and also the new roads on the hills. Many to new wind-farm sites and new Ariel mast that are being built all over the highlands. It will be an interesting day as Donald Trump ( he is now running for Presidentof the USA)is at the Scottish Parliament talking about  wind – farms in Scotland. I wonder should he be allowed to address the parliament  as he has huge personal interests in his new golf course. Money talks as we see every day but I pray they get it right for the future of this beautiful country.

It may need the wisdom of Solomon to get a right balance but should Mr Trump be addressing our elected parliament when it is hard to try to get to speak to your MP or MSP at times?

The John Muir Trust a wonderful organisation has some interesting information on the effect of wind-farms on the environment as has the Internet. It is also worth having a look at the pros and cons and making a making a decision on balanced discussion. It is also worth looking around and seeing what happens when they build them and the infrastructure that can be needed to maintain them. Worth knowing? 

Written in 2012 !

In 2016 it is as bad  as ever and the heavy road traffic far worse. Who would believe what is happening now and how Mr Trump has moved on and he scares me to death with his views! We managed to stop and get a bacon roll at the Glen Rowan Cafe a superb roll and worth the long drive to Invermoriston and it was still wet and then headed to Inverness to see if the weather was better?


Inverness Canal Aug bikes

Inverness Canal in  August on the  bikes.

We headed of  and the sun was shinning and had a great cycle along the canal from Lochend to the big bridge over the A82 and then back along the other side of the canal and lunch at the locks. It was sunny and warm and lovely spot and not busy at all.

Dead Slow ahead.

Dead Slow ahead.

We then visited two pals who are heading to China for a few months more tea and then home. No hills but a long drive, crazy roads, rain, mist and then sun later in the day. Getting the bike off the” faffing” about and dropping Yeni in Forres made it a long day but a bit of fun on the bikes. I still want to get on the hill but I am sorry my days of getting soaked are over, I want to enjoy and see the hills nowadays.

Burghead sunset.

Burghead sunset.

I had a shower and then later on what a sunset over the Moray Firth nature was showing off last night and plenty were out watching this incredible show. I headed up to the cliffs and was one of many just loving this wonderful sight. It all in a day in August in Scotland a land of so many different weather changes during the day.



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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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5 Responses to Wet and midge madness on the West, but sunny at Inverness. A sunset to end the day!

  1. J F Kay says:

    Where did you get the impression that Donald John Trump is addressing the Scottish Parliament today?
    1) According to his published schedule the Orange One is in Texas today.
    2) The Scottish Parliament is in recess until September.
    3) I’ve not read about this on any news website.

    Did you have too much cheese for supper which gave you a vivid nightmare?

    Liked by 1 person

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