Update on Mountain Weather information Service a statement at last by Sportscotland ! 

#MWIS update – Shaun Roberts, Principal at Glenmore Lodge has issued the following statement today:”The mountaineering community is alive with social media statements and petitions regarding the MWIS, following a press release posted on the MWIS website: ‘Mountain safety at risk as key Government funding is withdrawn from crucial mountain weather information service’.

Over the past year MWIS has been directly involved in collaboration discussions with the Met Office and sportscotland. These discussions sought to find a resilient and development focussed structure to ensure the provision of reliable and authoritative mountain weather forecasts. I have been representing sportscotland throughout these discussions and would like to state that the claims made by Geoff Monk are disappointing and misleading. Geoff Monk, representing MWIS has had a very active role within these discussions and the lines of communications have always been open and remain so.

As a mountaineering community the provision of quality mountain weather forecasts has become a critical part of our risk awareness process before heading for the hills and mountains. 

Sportscotland has been investing in mountain weather provision since 2007 and avalanche forecast provision since 1988 and we are committed to ensuring continuity and enhancement of these forecast services.

I look forward to sharing more information with you regarding future developments and can confirm that sportscotland will ensure the provision of mountain weather forecasting as we enter this coming winter.

Given that the current social media traffic is being driven by misleading statements, I would appreciate it if you would circulate this email to colleagues and friends to help inform our community.”

Please find the above and pass on to others ! 

At least a few of us have brought this to the attention of others? 

I do feel that to criticise Geoff Monk after all his efforts is a sad affair? Any comments ?



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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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One Response to Update on Mountain Weather information Service a statement at last by Sportscotland ! 

  1. Robert says:

    That ‘clarification’ by sport Scotland doesn’t
    A cessation of funding in Dec 2016 does to me sound like a cessation of funding

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