Memories of Assynt – Phil Jones RIP Team Leader – Assynt MRT

1991 Phil Jones -Memories of Assynt



Seanna Bhraig a past visit.

This Corrie brought back many memories but this was of a good friend who was the  Assynt Mountain Rescue Team Leader  Phil Jones was killed in a wind slab avalanche on February 3 1991. I was at just coming home from running the annual winter course for the RAF mountain rescue Teams when the news was broken by the BBC. They just said that a MRT team leader had been killed, no name was given and it was an awful time for our families. When the news broke that it was Phil it was a terrible tragedy as I knew Phil and the Assynt team well and cannot imagine that happening during a training exercise in such a remote area.

Phil Jones photos Assynt MRT.

Phil Jones photos Assynt MRT.

I went to the funeral in Lochinver a very sad and difficult day and still miss Phil who was a great help to me in that wonderful area in the far North of Scotland. It took a long time for the Assynt Team to get over this tragedy.We climbed together and Phil was always showing us new cliffs and crags and some of the many rarely climbed classic routes in the area.  It was 25 years ago since Phil died in that lovely but savage Corrie of Seanna Braigh and as the rain and mist came down on my walk out I had a wee thought for him and his family.

An amazing place with so many varying memories, the peace and quiet was incredible and the hills so green and the heather coming into bloom made this a great walk out even in the torrential rain.

There was a small cairn on I am sure Quinag just of one  of the beleachs/ tops with a great view of the wild Assynt that Phil loved and I visited it not long after the funeral.

Can anyone give me a Grid Reference of it please?

This was from my Blog 21 Aug 2011


The Assynt Mountain Rescue Team is still going strong from its forming in 1977 . Assynt Mountain Rescue works with the Police, Coastguard and other agencies in Sutherland and Caithness, volunteering to provide search and rescue support. Assynt Mountain Rescue can be on call any time, any day, and in any type of weather. All the Assynt Mountain Rescue team members are volunteers who share a love for hill walking, mountaineering, rock climbing, snow and ice-climbing, caving and generally being in the outdoors.

We rely on voluntary support and funding to provide this service. We work out of two bases – our main rescue post is at Inchnadamph, and we have a mobile unit at Thurso.

Volunteers & Helicopters

All our Assynt Mountain Rescue Team volunteers come from Caithness and Sutherland – including our dog Mollie! As a specially trained search and rescue dog, Mollie and her handler Charlie work throughout Scotland as part of the Search And Rescue Dog Association (SARDA). Meanwhile, on the human front, our 25 strong Assynt Mountain Rescue team train together once a month throughout the year. We are trained to work together on searches and rescues in winter or summer conditions.

We work with other agencies such as the Coastguard, or the RAF and neighbouring Mountain Rescue Teams.

Donations and Fundraising

Assynt Mountain Rescue is a charity that relies on funding from generous donations and our own fundraising activities. Our voluntary work requires us to be fully equipped and ready at any time to help anyone in need. We are always grateful for any donation, small or large, which can be made through our JustGiving website, or to any team member.

Gift Aid may also be appropriate for the donor which increases the amount of money we receive. Recently our most welcome donation is from the Order of St John who donated the majority of the cost of our new Assynt Mountain Rescue Team Land Rover.


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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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