Why dump litter ? Loch Laggan rubbish – Fly tipping a modern scourge? Lets all do our bit?



Sadly I wrote on my Blog yesterday about the Mess dumped at a beauty spot near the lovely beach at Kinloch Laggan on the way to Fort William. It has so much rubbish thrown down the embankment  3 big tyres a fridge and other general rubbish, the layby is a tip with cups plastic bottles and general waste. It is sad to see and it seems no one cares. How many have passed stopped to get the great photo of Loch Laggan and Ardverikie but done nothing. If you stop you cannot miss the rubbish if you scramble down to the river to get that the photo of the hills and Loch Laggan.  I have contacted Highland Council by email and they have replied and say they have 10 days to contact me in the meantime I will be on the case and maybe do a video of the Mess as I head over to Glencoe on Sunday for a few days.

Is it the way we educate our people about looking after the planet ? The mess left after the many open air concerts all over the UK is tragic as people leave tents and rubbish. Some is re used but what an attitude when some in the World have nothing. Plastic bottles and bags litter the country and maybe a deposit on plastic bottles would help to pay to tidy up and recyle. In my own a village most days one of the local heroes does a tidy in the Main e Street before many are up, what a saint. I find myself doing the same now near my house as its near the local shop and sometimes gets untidy. We can all do our bit and help keep the places we live and love tidy.

Comments welcome?

The rubbish near the layby at Loch Laggan tragic with old tyres a fridge and so much trash - a tragedy?

The rubbish near the layby at Loch Laggan tragic with old tyres a fridge and so much trash – a tragedy?

As we near Remembrance Day I was glad to see that the poppies are on sale again but this is not just the time we should remember those who gave so much for us.  Whatever your politics it is worth remembering that the military have little choice in what wars they fight. That is up to the politicians and how they are advised, so please support the Royal British Legion and its appeal.


http://www.poppypins.co.uk. This little badge is £10 and a lovely thing to give to those you love, it is supported by the Royal British Legion. This one is RAF MRT but there are many others of regiments and ships.

The rain was on for most of the day but today the sun is out so I will get a good walk in today in my local area. The  sore back is easing of but still not right and time spent at the lap top is not comfortable but I seem to have caught up now with things.

Stunning views at Loch Laggan lets look after it.

Stunning views at Loch Laggan lets look after it.



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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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