In Praise of The Munro Tops. 

  • Many climb the Munros but few climb the additional Munro Tops. These are 227 subsidiary summits over 3,000ft in Scotland, but which aren’t included in the main Munros list. First published by Sir Hugh Munro in 1891. When I completed them again a few years ago no one was interested as the Munros were the main challenge yet the tops are far harder in my opinion and to me involve a bit more  mountaineering. The In Pin on Skye is regarded as the hardest summit for the Munro bagger. Is it harder than the Am Baister Tooth also on Skye a Munro top of the highest calibre?
  • When I completed mine again a few years ago no one out on the Club meet even bought me a cup of tea in the pub, so this is time to sort it out.
  • Great day on the Munro Tops

    Great day on the Munro Tops on An Teallach how many Munro tops on this great mountain?

    An Teallach and the Munros and Tops

    An Teallach and the Munros and Tops

Where can you find the list? There is a good one on The UKC climbing forum and on other websites .

Many a long hill day was extended by chasing these summits ! My favourite was Am Bastiers Tooth on Skye an interesting summit for a Munro top bagger. I also love the tops on Beinn Eighe and of Course the superb summit on the Northern Pinnacles of Liathach then there is An Teallach. There are some wild hills ,big days on the chase for the Munro Tops.

My advice is get out and climb them and see a bit further than the busy Munro summits

What is yours?

Some of my favourite Munro Tops – what are yours?

196 – Liathach – Northern Pinnacles summit 955 metres a bit loose so be aware. Climb this in winter from the Corrie what an exceptional Alpine day.

The Northern Pinnacles of Liathach

Northern Pinnacles of Liathach one of Scotland’s finest days.

197 – Liathach – Am Fasarinen summit  927 metres – another stunning route follow the ridge crest.

192 – Beinn Eighe – Sail Mhor summit – 980 metres. This is well worth a visit just for a different aspect of Beinn Eighe and the Triple Buttress and the “Ugly step.”

193 –   Beinn Eighe – Sgurr Ban  – 970 metres, The Black Carls how many tops on this mountain? Answer 4.  sadly how many miss them.

199 –  An Teallach – Lord Berkeley’s Seat 1047 metres – an incredible ridge few climb all the tops so worthwhile. How many tops on this great peak Answer 7 – have you climbed them all?

226 –  Am Basteir – Bhasteir Tooth summit  916 metres. Outstanding day pretty serious for hillwalkers rope essential.

Am Basteirs Tooth

Am Basteirs Tooth

222 – Sgurr Dubh Mor – Sgurr Dubh na Da Bheinn summit 938 metres. Do this with the Dubh Slabs outstanding mountaineering day.

227 –  Sgurr nan Gillean – Knight’s Peak summit 924 metres. What a way to climb Sgurr Na Gillean.

Two more but what are they?

It was great to see  that Chris Townsend commented – great piece. “There are many superb tops. Cairn Lochan in the Cairngorms is a favourite of mine.”


The Munroist’s bible, “MUNRO’S TABLES AND OTHER TABLES OF LOWER HILLS” Revised and Edited by Derek A. Bearhop (Scottish Mountaineering Trust, 1997) lists all the Scottish Mountains of 3000 feet height and above. The 282 Munros plus 227 Tops give a total of 509 summits.

 Munro Tops Map – Mountains of Scotland

Photo below near on of the great Munro Tops on Beinn Eighe – where am I ?



So there we go I am interested in any view on this subject but advise all you Munroists you are only part of the way there. Some of these Munro tops will tax you more than the Munros and add to your day and your knowledge .

Any takers?

2009 My last Munro top on An Teallach/

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