Mountain Skills talk in Aviemore tonight. Watch the Wind chill if out on the hills!  


I have the Mountaineering Scotland and Munro Society talk tonight in the Mountain Cafe Aviemore at 2000. There is a meal before hand at 1900 but that is fully booked but may be worth checking  if you fancy it as you always get cancellations. For those who want they should be able to get in for free at 1945 ! It is usually a good evening and I have done a few in the past and you get a good crowd. It ends up a late drive home getting back after 1100 pm. The talk is sponsored by the Munro Society and Mountaineering Scotland so many thanks to them.

Munro Society

Munro Society

I was on the hill over the weekend the weather was great but the temperatures low -5 on the tops . If you add to this the 30 mph wind the wind chill was bitter. There was some wind chill and my hands when glove less would have froze so quickly !

It is always worth being aware of the windchill and its effect especially on unprotected skin! Losing a glove in these conditions can be very serious so be careful – frost nip/ frostbite is serious and without your hands things can go downhill quickly! Always carry spare gloves and look after exposed skin! If out with pals check each other regularly ! Buddy buddy checks ! Always carry a spare pair of gloves with you.

I always carry a few pairs of gloves as I have dropped them in the past and had a problem with others when the wind has taken them when stopping to take them off and you are useless with frozen hand.

I also had a snag with my battery for my phone the spare I carry did not like the cold windchill even though it was in my pocket. Has anyone a good recommendation on a spare battery that will cope with the cold for a mobile phone?


Any ideas for a decent spar battery for my phone?

Any ideas for a decent spar battery for my phone?


About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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6 Responses to Mountain Skills talk in Aviemore tonight. Watch the Wind chill if out on the hills!  

  1. Bill Rose says:

    Just have an old phone as a back up. Pre smart phones last for ages on a single charge. Install A pay as you go sim on another network for poor reception areas. That’s why you still need a map and compass.


  2. Andrew Birkby says:

    Heavy, I have spare power bank batteries for my phone for bothy trips but with mixed results. To conserve mobile phone battery I put it on Flight mode. It uses less power & is very easily switched back to normal mode whereas when you switch the phone off it takes a while to come back on line.

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    • I use mine with the GPS it is heavy on battery and out regularly in vey cold temperatures. Thanks when out on a long trip I do the things you say!


      • Andrew Birkby says:

        Heavy, if using something like OS Maps on your phone then that will eat up the juice. I have it but don’t use it ‘on the hill’ for that reason. I do use OS Locate on the hill though which doesn’t use anywhere near as much power & then I switch back to flight mode after referencing OS Locate with my paper map. I have an expensive Sat Map? but never used it since I got OS Locate on my phone.

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      • I got rid of my Sat map phone far better never had s snag with my back up battery till this weekend windchill was about – 20 and phone in a protective case !


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