Happy Birthday Killin Mountain Rescue Team 50 years of Service.

Many who follow the Blog will know of my relationship over many years with the Killin Mountain Rescue Team. When I was at RAF Leuchars for 8 years with the RAF Mountain Rescue Team I worked a lot with Killin. We did many call outs together and got to know many of the personalities over the years. We had a special bond especailly after the  RAF Wessex helicopter Crash on Ben More which I have written about in the past in my  blogs when the Team Leader Harry Lawrie was killed.  During that tragic day I  have never seen such dedication when after carrying Harry of the hill the Killin Team  went out next day to recover the body of a young climber who had fallen.  Over the years I have worked  with Killin on many incidents and they are a typicaly great bunch of people still doing the same job with few plaudits.

It was great to see that the Forth Valley Police acknowledge 50 years of Service by the Killin Team. Words will never explain the effort, time and dedication of this great band of people all volunteers. Few realise that they are unpaid and in these days where so many bad things happen they and their like are what makes this small country so good. Thanks to those who have given so much over the years and the families who sit and wait while they and their like go to help their fellow man or women in trouble. It gives you faith in a troubled world. Well done Forth Valley Police for this tribute. We must never take these people for granted.    Happy Birthday Killin MRT.

Killin MRT - photoT

Killin MRT – photoT

From Forth Valley Police Facebook page


“Chief Superintendent McAllister attended the Killin Mountain Rescue Team AGM last night in order to formally thank the team for 50 years of service within the local communities that they serve.

Ch. Supt. McAllister gave a speech covering the highs and lows of the past 50 years, stressed how vital the Team are to keeping people safe on the local mountains and praised their efforts as volunteer members of the charity.

In 50 years, the team have completed over 1000 rescues and saved 1000’s of lives during that time. They have also recovered people who have sadly died on the mountains back to their families and friends.

50 years of service by Killin MRT - Photo Killin MRT.

50 years of service by Killin MRT – Photo Killin MRT.

Mr McAllister presented the team with a glass memento and in return, the team presented him with a book of the tales of Killin MRT during the past 50 years.”


A history of Killin MRT a great read.

A history of Killin MRT a great read.

Why not support Killin MRT on their birthday by donating to them?killin.scottishmountainrescue.org

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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