A Wander with old pals Strathpeffer and a few memories of a big walk in 1978!

2017 Jim & Terry at Strathpeffer March. Where has the hair gone?

Yesterday was a day catching up with some old pals, Terry Moore and Gillian were up at Strathpeffer and we had a catch up. Jim and Pam Morning also came over and we had a great wander around this lovely area from Strathpeffer to Rogie falls following the forest tracks and bike trails we had a great catch up in great weather. We got some great views of Ben Wyvis on our walk and how lovely an area this is another gem not far from home.

A great wander with good pals.

It was fun to catch up and we had a few chats about the old days and some of the adventures. Pam and Gillian never let on and it ended up a bit longer than we thought but we had a great day and a fun walk around a superb area.

The bike trails look great and this is the area of the famous Strathpuffer 24 a 24 hour biking endurance event. One for the future!

Strathpuffer Route

Strathpuffer 24 Rules

  1. Riders must compete on pedal bikes using human power.
  2. Riders cannot accept outside mechanical assistance or parts on the course except from other competitors.
  3. Riders may accept outside assistance and change parts at the designated service area.
  4. Only one rider per team may compete at the same time.
  5. Riders must ‘dib’ at the control on every completed lap.
  6. Any riders/teams retiring must contact an official as soon as possible.
  7. All riders must carry emergency food supplies, a whistle and an emergency light.
  8. All riders must carry or wear appropriate clothing for warmth in the event.
  9. All riders must carry a basic first aid kit.
  10. All competitors under-16 years must provide written permission from parents.
  11. Any non-school competitors who will be under-14 during the event must contact the organiser’s before entering. If entry is permitted by the organisers the competitor must accompanied by an adult at all times whilst competing.


1978 Winter West to East with a young Terry Moore, Jim Morning and me.I think this was taken in Strathfarrar nearly 40 years ago.

It was funny to watch the boys who were navigating along the tracks Terry with his 40 year old map and Jim with his hi tech phone. Terry get a new map we had a great catch up then lunch in Strathpeffer. It was a big change from the nearly 40 years ago when we did an incredible winter walk from the West to East in Scotland in 1978. How times change.



28/10/1977 –19/11/1977 –  Heavy Whalley, Jim Morning, Terry Moore.

This was the first expedition in to attempt a Traverse of Scotland in November winter. This walk was the based on an idea by the late John Hinde, a former RAF Team Leader. Myself and Jim had done a North to South in 1976 in May and we were cocky young lads and I think he had the last laugh.  The daylight is very short in November 6-7 Hours and the weather is notoriously poor. We learned from this walk, lessons never to be forgotten throughout our lives. Jim and Terry were already excellent mountaineers and later on climbed all over the world including Everest West Ridge. They became two of the finest mountaineers that RAF Mountain Rescue ever produced.

During that walk we set up food caches and were completely unsupported and self-sufficient, we walked the whole way no lifts were taken. We were met every 3- 4 days and were supplied by land rover. The weather was awful, we nearly died it snowed and snowed the A9 was shut and the Walk was supposed to be called off but we continued. During it we became great friends but became great pals and have remained so.

This was a complete winter traverse with snow on every hill, extremely deep in places; blizzards were common, navigation crucial. In the end it was a survival exercise, very nearly pushed to the limit on several occasions.  Totals  Munro’s climbed 57, Kilometres 506, Ascent; 33149 metres.

Tea break at Rogie Falls.

We had a superb lunch in the Highlander Hotel and then headed home a great catch up and plans to meet again.

Where have all the years gone?

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to A Wander with old pals Strathpeffer and a few memories of a big walk in 1978!

  1. Tony Bradshaw says:

    Glad you enjoyed it … we have just left Contin after 15 years …. and used to walk or MTB the route you took and many more in the area , plus the Strathpuffer ….. great times … we are now in Bridge of Allan a new chapter … and seeing more of our Grand Kids…Cheers Tony

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