Easy day on the way home from Ossian Youth Hostel a great view and a meal to remember.

It was the last day at Ossian Youth Hostel and  I needed an easy day as the train was just after 1500. After a tidy up at the Hostel the majority went up Beinn Na Lap, two had went early to climb Leum Uilleim the big Corbett above Corrour Station. It was a grand day though a bit cold in the wind.

We decided that a short wander up the nearby hill Meall na Lice at a lowly 584 metres above Loch Ossian it would give great views and just what we needed to ease our stiff bodies.

Meall na Lice

We had great views once we got up our wee hill and we enjoyed the wildness and sat in the cool breeze and took it all in. There was no rush today we then came back down by the cliffs hearing the ravens all the time on the summit. 

 We were soon back at the Youth Hostel  and there were some Heron’s about nearby and we could hear them as they kept busy maybe with their young. It was an amazing place to be and so wild, the Heron’s had been on the go all weekend.  The tented camp of the Duke of Edinburgh kids had gone from the previous night and I was glad they would get a great day on their walk to For William. It would have been a long weekend for them all and a busy time walking from Dalwhinnie to Fort William, well done.

Great view from our hill, just so much space.

It was then collect the bags grab a cup of tea and sort out all the rubbish to be taken away from the Youth Hostel and carried home. Jan the Warden was already sorting the Hostel out for her next visitors and we thanked her for all her help. It was now about 1300 and we carried our gear back to the Station and then had a well-earned lunch at the Corrour Station House.

Last view of Loch Ossian Youth Hostel.

It had been the first meal I had for a while and I needed it and enjoyed a venison burger and chips a great meal it was great to feel a bit better. It is great to be able to get a meal out in the wilds and I cannot recommend the Corrour Station House  enough.


Smile Adrian.

The  Corrour Station House is tucked away in a remote, stunning and unique location in the West Highlands of Scotland and is only accessible by train or a twenty-mile walk! We warmly welcome visitors from far and wide with a roaring fire, comfy couches, a relaxed atmosphere and good homemade food. We serve a range of home baking, soups, sandwiches and small selection of main meals as well as teas, coffees, hot chocolates, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Our own wild Aussie.

Whether you are looking for a quick drink before the train or a main meal after a day on the hills,we have something for you. See our ‘Menu’ page for more details.We’re open from 0830am to 9pm seven days per week until the end of October.

We hope to greet you soon with a glowing fire and the promise of some good highland hospitality and homemade food and drink.


The others arrived and most had a drink whilst waiting at the Station and it was a busy train that took us back to Tulloch then a lovely drive back via Laggan with the car parks full of walkers and mountain bikers. The hills were shedding their snow there was little left of this strange winter but you never know what may happen yet. I am off to Loch Arkaig at the weekend to a Corbett completion on Saturday ( not mine) Our next weekend meet is Skye at Coruisk in late April I cannot wait.

Lightweight crew we need a wheelbarrow for the gear

 Thanks all for a great weekend.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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