The journey to the North West a stunning journey !


After a lovely morning golf at Hopeman I had planned to travel up to Inchnadampth  in the far North West well past Ullapool for a day with the War Graves Commission to the Anson Crash near Ben More Assynt.

I am just back from Skye 3 days on the hill and have so much to do but managed to get my gear sorted for the trip North! I was still tired after the three days in Skye but by going up the night before it meant that the 3 hour drive was done. I could stay the night at the Naismith Hut at Elphin as I find long drives and hill days are a struggle nowadays.

I wanted to visit my pal Jim Morning who is in Raigmore Hospital for 6 weeks . He is in traction after a hip operation! I felt for him as I headed North after the evening visit. Illness is not easy but he is 3 weeks through the 6 weeks confined to a bed and I know from my few years of not great health recently how hard that is.

2017 An Teallach May stunning Sky.

The drive North was wonderful I left Inverness about 1930 and the hills were looking magic. The light in May heading West was magnificent! Though tired it was great to stop and see these views and as always An Teallach was stunning! The hill car parks were still busy with folk out taking advantage of the great weather. I was envious.

Ullapool also gave great views as did old favourites like Ardmair and the Summer Islands. The light on the water and the hills of Ciogach as a backdrop are surreal at times. Again the light was ever changing as the evening drew on and this is what makes this a magnificent wild land. This far North from here is wild country and the roads were quite. I was soon passing Stac  Pollaidh and Ciogach they were in view and then up to Elphin with Suiliven majestic the light red, yellow and then darkness.

2017 Suiliven last night

It was great to see that the hut was empty and I just enjoyed the views as the light went and then sorted out my gear and had a cup of tea!

Sleep was easy!

In the morning the sun came up at 0500 and I made a brew. The Bothy had hinds in the garden and with the backdrop of Suiliven this place is one of the finest.

I meet Scott from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission at 0900 for a wander up to the Memorial it will take about 2 hours. The weather is great and promises another hot day! My energy levels are a bit flat but the situation and the weather make all this worthwhile?

I am glad I have brought the sunscreen as it will be a long day in the sun. It will be interesting to see how the Memorial has coped with two winters at 2000 feet?

Living the dream!

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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