Heading West – Glendessary a great forecast and high fire risk!

Despite a busy week I cannot miss this weather so the tin man is up early and hopefully getting a lift to Glendessary. The body is still recovering from 4 days in Skye and a long day in Assynt but I have the offer of a lift no driving for once. My pals are after a couple of Corbetts that I have done so we will see how I feel anyway the drive down will be fun apart from the last twisty miles to the road end. This area meant a lot to my Dad and he was here for two summers in the mid 30,s.

The head stalker Donald Cameron


“This photo around 1935-6, My Dad was student minister missionary at Achnacarry, friends with Donald Cameron head keeper on estate .Used to send Dad venison by post my sister said it always arrived very bloody Mum had fun cooking it!

I am sure it was from when my Dad was a student minister at Achnacarry in the late 1930’s. He was often out giving communion to the various outlying remote settlements in the area. I was brought up on the many tales of the keeper who carried the communion cups and wine and was looking after my Dad on these trips. They often went over the hills and the tops and that made a huge impression on my Dad who was super fit and at Edinburgh University and captain of the Harriers. He spoke about visits to the big house and the Cameron’s of Locheil and their work during the war.  I was very young about 13 when we got our first car I remember the wild drive up to Achnacarry, Loch Arkaig and Glendessary to see this magical place. I was sick most of the way yet I never forgot that road or the hills and they remain majestic to me. I was often up in this area and it became somewhere else I bonded with.  I am sure we met the keeper and his family but my memory fails me, I was just a wee laddie. My Dad often spoke about with great warmth for the way he was looked after by the keeper and the locals.  His mode of transport was a bike and he cycled back to Spean Bridge at times after some of the services.  I am trying to chase this up so if anyone can help that would be great My Dad was called Bill Whalley. He and Mum gave me a huge love and respect for the mountains and the people who work in them.  I always had this vision of him and the keeper bagging a Munro or a big hill on the way home.

He often spoke about this part of his life in his sermons. I wish I had listened a bit more in these days! I will be thinking of him on that windy road



This is the Forecast:from MWIS Scotland.  “A freshening northerly breeze brings more cloud and chilly conditions to areas in the north & east; cloud covering some higher tops at times. Brief showers locally. Toward the west, dry and warm with plenty of sunshine and lighter winds. Ground conditions very dry – fire risk.



Dry, plenty of sun. Tops generally clear.


North or northeasterly, 10mph or often less near west coast south from Mull, but freshening later to 15-20mph well inland.




No rain


Little if any – Fragments of cloud mostly confined to higher slopes in north in morning.


SUNSHINE AND AIR CLARITY? Sunshine extensive; cloud may fill in a little inland. Visibility superb.

HOW COLD? (AT 900M)  3 rising to 6C, locally 8C near west coast south from Mull.

FREEZING LEVEL Above the summits. Slight frost glens at dawn.

PLANNING OUTLOOK – All mountain areas of Britain from Monday 8th May 2017

High pressure remains to north at the start of the week, and slack high pressure will then influence the UK through midweek, bringing very light winds to most areas. A good deal of sunshine, and fairly warm temperatures, although northern Scotland rather cool and cloudy at times. Most summits often clear. Very dry underfoot, with an ongoing risk of grass fires. A change of pressure pattern is expected from midweek onward, resulting in a breakdown to more unsettled conditions heading into next weekend and beyond, with periods of rain or showers likely during mid-May.”

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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