New book coming out soon – Lost to the Isles LOST TO THE ISLES – Accounts of Military Aircraft Accidents Around the Scottish Isles 1945-1990.

The Islands of Scotland are special places and I remember my father taking me to the Isle of Arran and on these great mountains  showing me some of the aircraft wrecks that are on the hills. My Dad told me the stories as a very young lad and we visited these places at that young very impressible age I was so impressed by the wreckage and the stories but had no clue of the carnage or the loss of life that would have occurred here. In later years I was to see this at first hand as I served with the RAF Mountain Rescue.

Many who follow the Blog will know of my involvement in aircraft crashes especially in the mountains of Scotland and many mountains are littered with the debris of aircraft crashes during and after the war!  I was involved in RAF Mountain Rescue for 35 years and sadly was involved in many crashes that occurred since the 70’s.

Memorial Shackleton Crash

Many of the crashes I went to were on the Islands  of Scotland in remote areas and all have there own stories. I hope  this book will tell some if the tales of many of these incidents. I have just seen the flyer for the book that comes out in early June and will order my copy.

1990 Shackleton Crash Harris

I notice that the cover of the book shows the Shackleton Crash in Harris Memorial one I was with the RAF Kinloss Team first on scene as we flew into the tragedy by RAF Seaking it was a sad few days for myself and the team. The other plane on the book could be the USA F111 on Skye on Sgurr Na Stri a mountain and incident I know well.

1982 F111 Plaque

I await my copy of this book with interest and hopefully that those who lost there lives in these wild places will never be forgotten..

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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3 Responses to New book coming out soon – Lost to the Isles LOST TO THE ISLES – Accounts of Military Aircraft Accidents Around the Scottish Isles 1945-1990.

  1. Dave Earl says:

    Nice little write up.Thanks Dave. Yes! That`s the F-111 on Sgurr na Stri on the front cover,painted by my pal Alan Jones, though obviously as it crashed on a December night, this is depicted on an earlier mission. The back cover as you say is the Shackleton WR965 memorial on Harris, both accounts covered in the book, with your contribution to both these stories from a MRT perspective.


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