Sorry for the “no Blogs” but now in Pebbles heading to Glenshee #RideforReuben cycle to John O’ Groats.

I am on a big Charity cycle as support for my stepdaughter Yvette her husband Dave and Dan the team in #RideforReuben  750 miles in 8 days  cycling to John O Groats! . We are now in Pebbles heading for Braemar  today over 100 miles away and some steep hills on route its 0400!  Thanks to all for the support 100 miles a day on a bike add in 3 days camping just completed it  not easy well done all! There are so many great people helping and I am up at 0400 every day for 0600 start ending up 1900 ish not getting to bed till 2300 after sorting out the next day. It is like a big expedition but with driving added. How Yvette, Dave and Dan cope I will never know?

Yvette has planned the route it is her “baby” with great help from Gary a pal from home. She is using the technology” Ride with GPS ” and I am having fun as always with the technology! She has planned to keep of the main roads so it has been fairly tricky following her especially in the towns! The weather on the first day was very hot and we had constant water stops when we could and it took a bit of getting things right finding lay byes etc to stop in! We had a few punctures at the beginning but Dave Yvette’s husband who is with us for the first 3 days is an expert at fixing them!

After day 1 we stayed in a field a very basic campsite near Kiddieminster  there were very basic showers though  it was Bank Holiday and despite that not to busy. There was another group that kindly helped us there  they charged all our technology for us a real problem when camping! They also drove us to the pub for a well earned meal. It was a noisy night in the tents I slept in the van with the bikes. The main road was busy with motor bikes and cars for most of the night so I hardly slept ! It was soon time to get the water on for the porridge and coffee and wake everyone up at 0500! We are all learning so but the people are so kind and helpful.

Day 2 – Kiddiminster – near Elsmere Port( Lady Heyes Campsite )

Day2 Kiddiminster – It was a damp start with fine rain starting as we got up but we were soon away I had watched the sunset in the early morning it was a busy start to the day but the weather soon brightened. We struggled in the rain but got breakfast in a “Subway” who could not have helped us more as the team we were hungry.


The roads were busy and I ended up in some very small farm tracks so had some epics getting back on track. A few more punctures today but sorted out and all going well. It is hard going for the cyclists day 2 is a longer day but all going well! So impressed by their speed downhill scary they look so vulnerable at speed! The cars are so close at times.  It was a long day but we stopped at Lady Hayes campsite superb facilities great food and staff special thanks to Leanne Brett, Brett Kelly , and Hanah Collins they looked after us so well.

Great folk. who could not do enough for us.


Some of the planning Yvette did ! Great work

Day 3

Raining today big push to the Lakes and all getting tired, Big Dave last day as he goes back tomorrow, it was bad enough driving in the rain they were soaked by the time we arrived at Heidi’s Ybette’s pal and her Mum at Standish near Wiggin. I got lost ended up on the motorway and was a bit upset that they were unsupported for about two hours. It was impossible for me to follow them in the early heavy traffic and roads. We all needed the re group and breakfast and what a breakfast but I was tired they were soaked but soon got going again.  What great people so understanding Yvette has so many real pals and their kindness is so appreciated.

Breakfast at Standish true friends and a big help to us all . Thanks all xxx


This was my original first blog.

Heading to Glenshee today and thanks to everyone for the help I am never surprised at people nowadays but what a feeling of love from so many! Proud of Yvette and Dan efforts. Dave ((Yvette’s husband) is back tomorrow and that will be more power back in the team.  We have just camped for three days up early and now in a Hotel tonight!

Today will be another big day to Edinburgh and them Glenshee some big hills ahead. Sorry for those we missed or could not see on route but you know how it goes !

This photo was taken at Gretna ! The Border!

We arrived in the rain but so good to be back in Scotland I was very emotional here for Yvette and in the rain with a long way to go it’s hard work but a pal Terry Moore came with us from the Lakes and thanks for his help!

Thanks to Terry for the support.

A huge day as Amanda and Neil arrived with another van to assist in support and what a help as I was struggling and I am just support! How does Yvette and Dan  do it day after day ? This was a key part of the trip and again Yvette’s pals pulled all the stops out to help, even better Neil had his motorbike in the van and that came out on the tricky roads to help with safety, I was really worried about them at times.  Amanda pulled out all the stops and we soon hot brews and food whenever we needed it all the way to John O’ Groats they were lifesavers and so helpful.

Will try to update but better get up and sorted if I can !


Heading to Peebles on the road to nowhere! We met two cyclist who sorted Yvettes gears big thanks to Paul Bowker of Criterium Cycles for his help!

Bike help on the way to Peebles.

There are so many more that I need to mention but you will get great Karma for your help. Early morning start 0500 in the Lakes, Yvette and Dave just awake I have been up for one hour at least.

Early start the Lakes  –  Get gear on prepare bikes water, food , check bikes – breakfast get water on for Porridge, honey and  coffee and get going try to be away in an hour not easy as the days grind on and especially in a tent.

Please “Be aware of cyclist” please give them space if in a car or lorry and again thanks you know who you are and sorry for not getting Blogs out or answering messages. and not keeping the media going just maxed out.

Heavy in Peebles early! Must go,

Top tips ! – Technology make  sure you use and understand it! Need to charge and maintain it. Camping hard work early starts though cuts the cost down!

Good planning , check lists, real food not gels, win.

Support tips ! – use stuff bags for team gear , have warm gear always handy for breaks. Plenty of snacks easy eaten sandwiches etc Gels fine but hard to digest  after 2 days ask Dan!

Good route planning it was so hard following alone in a van with the navigation systems that I had and it took ages to sort out my technical ability, Yvette used Ride for Gps and it worked well for her a huge effort to get it going at first and I had many problems at first  but it was an invaluable tool.  I used my car GPS A a lot as back up when needed and the App Find Freinds was very useful when we missed each other.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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