#RideforReuben day 6. Braemar – Nairn via the Lecht a day of sunshine,smells great beauty and effort 

#RideforReuben  day 6. Braemar – Nairn via the Lecht a day of sunshine,smells great beauty and effort !
What a start at Braemar a long lie and away at 0700 from a great evening in Breamar from the Cranford Guest House and a lovely breakfast.. The weather was perfect and sun was out the smells of the trees,the colours the river they wild garlic and the scenery made this a special day. Yvette and Dan were powering and at the start of the hills from Crathie the road is a wild steep journey up to the Ski area at the Lecht!

The long

The long pull up to the Lecht ski area. Views of Lochnagar were marvellous but this was hard going all the way to the Lecht with some superb downhill spells where the speeds went over 45 Mph ! It was scary to watch! Dan saw Scotland at its best and we all had emotional times where life stops and for Dan  and Yvette they were in the grove ! These can be life changing moments! On the road were some great comments on a steep hill like they have in the continent “your granny could do this” was one!

Photos do not to justice to the effort by Yvette and Dan and I have put in a few photos to show that after 6 days of at times over 100 miles a day plus the ascent  this is not an easy trip and they are digging so very  deep. 

It was great when on arriving they were both exhausted at the Lecht just above 2000 feet up we met Kenny from Inverurie who gave us a donation for # RideforReuben what a star ! The views were great all day the Cairngorms clear and the weather marvellous and it was like watching a film with both Yvette and Dan going into overdrive pushing their boundaries and working so hard for# RideforReuben. I was so proud of them both ‘ They had pushed some huge personal boundaries with over 600 miles in 6 days of hard effort! What support from Amanda and Neal on his motor bike and Amanda in the van making food and brews for the Team what support🌞and how we needed them! My heart ❤️ has never seen such Love for a cause . All the time we think of wee Reuben and the difficult times fade for Yvette and Dan.

Then it was downhill and up more hills to Tomintoul another hard trip. From here on to Grantown On Spey and we met Dave who has just flown in to be with his wife Yvette for the last 2 days! Jullie picked him up from Inverness Airport when he flew in and the kids Lexi and Ellie Skye are with Yvettes Mum Vicky now!  They were going so well at one with the bikes but after all my years in mountaineering and looking after my teams I find this so hard to watch and have huge respect for cyclists.


We had a snag with Dave’s s bike at Grantown but the boys from Base camp bikes sorted it ! From here it was about 26 miles to Nairn where we met a good few pals outside Grantown cheering us on including Ian aged 90 what an effort cheering them on.

Nairn was reached early in the afternoon and we made it to the Breavale Hotel in sunshine for the first time early! What a place blue skies and sunshine in the Moray Med. How was that for Yvette and I could see the joy. When she arrived in her face.
What a day and we had more visitors a great meal and then Stuart from my Local Charity Outfitmoray serviced the bikes. What a man !! Thank you!

It was then a wee walk to a glowing Moray Coast sunset and an early night !
Tonight I am very proud of the machine that is Yvette , Dan and Dave and to Jullie who collected Dave from Inverness and does so much to help. Amanda and Neal  just so helpful
I met an old Mountain Legend Clive Rolland of the Ogre fame in our hotel and had a dram and a break for a wonderful hour. Then the days caught up and then bed.

To day is from Nairn – Brora where Yvette will meet her Mum and the kids ! It will be a great moment !
So that is it a day of huge effort emotion and drive. Let’s hope all stays safe and the weather holds. 
If out please Give bikes plenty of space when overtaking and for us onwards to Brora.
Thanks to everyone for the help advice and love ❤️ it means so much to us all.

I cannot answer all the messages but you all know how much they mean to the team. 
Heavy in Nairn at the wonderful Breavale Hotel sorry for the errors  this was written at 0500 ! 

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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