Home after a great trip from Oxford to John O Groats # RideforReuben

The end at John O Groats with Lexi at the finish..

Well the great adventure is over and the cycle to John O Groats is ended. It was some trip 8 days on the road and nearly 800 miles cycled. It was to me so  scary to watch at times as these roads are busy and they seemed so vulnerable on their bikes. We never had any problems really and thank goodness we never had an accident.

The great help from the bike for safety.

I had a busy day  when I got home at last getting clothes clean and my tent dry so much to do and I was so tired it has been non – stop all go and great to be in my house.

Neil Bike Protection

The support was specaial in so many ways and especially it was helped by having Neil Barrow on his Motor bike out at times on the busy roads. Amanda and Neil stayed with us after the Lakes and helped so much with the support, the van became a haven in the breaks as Amanda pulled out all the stops. The first 3 days with the camping was hard work I was  alone in the support and up early at 0330 to get sorted. A pal had said he would come but that never happend and I was struggling with the length of the days.

Day 1 Campsite – sun is up at 0500.

I slept in the van with the three bikes on two nights to save time when we camped for the first 3 days. Too save time  I was up early to get the brews on  0400 and sort out the gear fill the water bottles and the other things that needed done.

Amanda a huge part of the support with Neil she ran the brew wagon a real friend to Yvette and such a help, she kept me right.

We had lots of support and Yvette was on a mission to see as many places and folk as possible all over the place, we had breakfast on Day 3 at Yvettes pal Hedi and her Mum at Cavendish it was a wet start to the day but what a breakfast. I got lost and ended up on the motorway!

Put me back on my bike.  The war cry of the trip

Theirs was some effort  by all I was amazed at the drive through the many barriers they hit including the weather and the constant grind of averaging 12 hours days on a bike and the fatigue. I am glad that Daniel is happy with me putting his pain filled pictures up. They show some of the effort they all went through. What a team.

Huge effort by all.

When we were away the world seems to have gone mad just now and with the election I have been sheltered from it. In between I lost a good pal I have known for over 40 years to Cancer i was very upset.  I wonder what will happen next in the world but there are so many kind people I have met from the deep South and North, in campsites, car parks and on the road, great people of all colours, creeds and nationalities and it gives you huge strength.

The Lecht – so many great folk.

I now have a busy time, ahead the opening of the Dundonald MRT Base on Saturday in Dingwall and so much to catch up on and a wee chat to the Guides in Inch the week after and hopefully get out on the hills again.

Day 6 – Passing the Jesus Stone on the Dava Moor near Grantown on Spey.

I have been on many trips even Everest as Base Camp Manager but this was so different as it was Yvettes dream and we managed it. So many helped with looking after  the children and her training. support and preparation and I can only thank you all. Big Dave Kershaw  was a powerhouse as was Daniel they showed great team work  and I was in awe of them all. Those who came and visited were so good and if we could not stop or the plans changed sorry. Thanks to all

Yvette back in Scotland at Gretna a wee Scottish powerhouse.

So that is it all over but what an adventure and as the saying goes what next? Hopefully for Yvette and Dave some time with the kids Lexi and Ellie Skye but they move house this week. As for Daniel what a star and he has seen Scotland at its best and I sure he will be back we have a few hills to do.

“Fighting the pain”  Yvette Kershaw and Daniel Bryan

Thanks Yvette for the experience and I am sure you Dave and the girls will never forget your crazy 8 day cycle. I am proud of what you did for wee Reuben and it gives me great faith in people the way they all rallied round to help.

The wee Scottish powerhouse.

Moving well near the end the last 10 miles to John O Groats in the rain.

The last 10 miles in the rain.

Mission accomplished.






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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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