A wonderful afternoon with Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team at the Opening of their new Base in Dingwall. It gives you faith in human kindness.

The Dundonnell MRT at the Dingwall base – Photo thanks to Angus Mackie Scotland 360

I have been extremely lucky in my life to meet so many great people, nowadays with the World in turmoil it is wonderful to celebrate a happy event with good people. Dundonnell MRT opened their new Base in Dingwall and I was given the huge honour of being asked to open it and say a few words. I left early via Inverness in heavy rain and was promised the postcode of the new Base but that was the tricky part of the day as Dingwall has a couple of Industrial parks and after a while I found it. This was a nice test of navigation!

I always try to  arrive early and had a look round the new build and was amazed that the Team had raised nearly £2000oo for the build, that would be some effort by all in an area with not a huge population. What a great effort.

The Band great music – Photo Angus Mackie Scotland 360.

I met so many old friends on the day and the afternoon was a great success after a few words by Keith Byres the Chairman of the Trustees then we had a great meal supplied by a nearby local firm The Storehouse superb food. Then the one of the team sang a wonderful song/ dirge in Gaelic that was extremely moving.

The words in English are so moving and so relevant to Mountain Rescue.

“O Lord of the elements and of all the hosts above

Pour down your gracious blessings

With our land and language thriving

And may the children of the Geal be sheltered under your wing!

I then I did my wee piece and I hope it went down well as the Base is dedicated to a few pals in the team who are no longer with us.

In Mountain Rescue we are so lucky we are supported by family. and friends who without their love and care we could never do this at times difficult job. They sit and wait for us at home as we go out on these wild call  – outs and pray for our safe return. Few outside the Mountain Rescue Family can imagine their thoughts at times and the worry that many have. We at times miss birthdays, social events, parties and other important family events due to a Call – out and it does at times effect relationships and especially our children.  Yet finding someone alive and bringing them off the hill is an incredible experience that we have had the privilege to be part of.

The Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team continues to carry out its job in these wild mountains in a hugely professional way despite the recent tragedies. To many you are a great example on how to run a team with the Police and the locals working so well together. Your combined experience, in-depth training, skills and history have been hard-won and some great individuals have made huge influences over the years. The strength though is the team, the men, woman (and dogs) that make this such a special group to belong to.  It is an amazing history you have you are unsung heroes all of you but even more so you are part of a unique Mountain Rescue Family.  I wish you all much happiness in your new Base.


Dundonnell MRT has had its fair share of tragedy recently and this was mentioned. There was the band as well all pals  and lots of families and friends enjoying the company of the family that is Mountain Rescue. The Band more old pals were playing as I left to the sound of magic music and the drive home.

Thanks to Angus Mackie Scotland 360 for the photos

I left early to watch the Scotland game and it was a huge honour to be invited to speak to such great folk, it is a day I never forget. To be at such an event gives you huge faith in  human nature, the world is full of kind caring people who give their time to help those in trouble and this is wonderful to see and to have been a small part of. We must never forget this.

Even a cake to celebrate thanks to Angus Mackie for the use of the photos.

Thank you Dundonnell MRT and Angus Mackie Scotland 360 for the photographs.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to A wonderful afternoon with Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team at the Opening of their new Base in Dingwall. It gives you faith in human kindness.

  1. Andy Beaton says:

    It was nice to share some reminiscences with you Dave – thanks for coming along and all the best.

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