Enjoyable day a bit of everything. Cycle, Scramble, Erosion a bit of a row with Burghead Coastal Rowing Club and a few holes of evening golf.

Lovely day at Cummingston sea cliffs a superb place to be.

Yesterday it was good to have an easy day after the football and my visit to Dundonnell MRT. I went for a short cycle and down to my local Cummingston cliffs where there were a lot a girls climbing that is great to see a big change from my early days. They were having fun, in between the odd shower it was a lovely morning no sign of the  Dolphins or Whales that were about though? I had a bit of a boulder on the rock and it is easy to forget how lovely a place I live in and how rusty I am on the rock.  The erosion of the path on the way down to the cliffs is getting worse and few seem to bother maybe it is time to raise the profile of this again?

No one seems to care?


Path erosion at Cummingston?

I came back by the Harbour and the Burghead Coastal Rowing were having a taster 20 minutes in the harbour and I was invites to  join them and it was good fun.It was only a short session in the Harbour and enjoyable and very informative lots to remember.  Have I time to join I may look at it in the future?  Thanks very much for that introduction.

 Homepage of Burghead Coastal Rowing Club.

Burghead Coastal Rowing Club was established in August 2013, with the aim of bringing the traditional coastal rowing to the Moray area.  The club was fomed as part of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project, which involves first building a boat in the community before using it to row recreationally and in competition.  The Scottish Coastal Rowing Project aims to promote and encourage the sharing of traditional skills and encourage healthy exercise, whilst making use of the wonderful coastline we live alongside.

The Club welcomes individuals ranging in age from teenagers through to pensioners.   The beauty of coastal rowing is that you do not need any prior experience, levels of fitness or expensive kit of your own, therefore making it extremely accessible.

Burghead Coastal Rowing in the Harbour. Looking after us.

You can choose which aspect to get involved with – whether it is raising funds within the community, helping build the boat or finally rowing your own hand-built St Ayles skiff proudly along your local coastline – or any combination of the above!

Get involved and join us – who wouldn’t want to make new friends, get fitter and have fun!

Evening Golf at Hopeman, no one about.

Later on I took some golf balls up to the club for the Juniors and met a pal Jake so we arranged to play a few holes after tea. The weather was fine and my golf poor but it was lovely to get a few holes in before our annual golf trip today to Newtonmore with the Hopeman Seniors. It was a lovely night with the light over the sea at times spellbinding. I left my sand wedge in a bunker so will have to go over early and get it before we head down to Newtonmore by bus at 0800.

Its busy times ahead?

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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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