Is this the way to treat our planet? The mess left at Glastonbury, it seems environmental talk is cheap but what a mess we leave for the future generations.



What a mess was left by those who were at Glastonbury of course it will all be cleaned up and the site back to normal after a huge clean up but what an example to show the world how we look after our planet?  No one seems to care or bother at the amount of waste that is left by our throw away society and every year is the same all over the UK. I wonder what those with very little all over the world feel about the complete disregard we seem to have for our environment and few say anything. No one mentions it at the festivals that are now full of political commentators but few mention the mess the place is left in, is that dangerous politics and to near home for many?

Comments welcome?

It is as bad on the hills that I love and especially round the bothies and popular hills where folk should know better. I do not understand what is wrong with folk that go to the wild places yet leave a mess.  Surely we can all do our bit to teach those that there is a payback for all the mess we leave. Yet the young kids at school are taught to respect the environment what is going wrong how do teach the kids as adults to learn not to waste and throw away their rubbish and recycle.

Why is this mess acceptable by society?

In the past before Health and Safety  sorted us in the RAF MRT we would do our bit and with the helicopter after winter we would go round the Mountain Bothies and the back of the CIC hut on Ben Nevis as the snows left. We would take as much rubbish as we could away, we were lucky we managed to get a SAR training sortie/ area knowledge to carry it all away and dispose of it. It was an awful job as it was not just rubbish we were removing at times? On the hill whenever possible I always took out as much rubbish with my hill parties when we stopped at a bothy and carried it out and it is still a constant problem in some popular bothies.

Every picture tells a story! This was 1993 ! will give you lots of information on the Mountain Bothy Association (MBA).

Sadly few things seem to have changed and despite the knowledge we have and the education about we still treat this planet terribly.  The sea is in a worse state and the effect of plastics and rubbish on sea life and the food chain will be a huge problem for the future?

Is it time to act for the future ?

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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