Lovely morning in the Cairngorms.

I am down in the Cairngorms at the Badaguish Centre with Outfitmoray a local Charity for kids. We have sorted out the Accommodation at the Badaguish Centre near Glenmore and are staying in wonderful wooden chalets in the forest and today the kids arrive for a few days of Outdoor fun. Yesterday was a busy day and I missed a great day in the Gorge at Laggan that I was looking forward to but I had to get the tyre fixed in Inverness about an hour away and some shopping. It all went well  but after cooking breakfast and tidying up we did not get away till after 1100 and it is an hour to Inverness. The roads were busy a few midges about as well as we left.

Bernie in the kitchen at Badguish.

We got everything done in Inverness and then back to Aviemore which was extremely busy and parking a nightmare as we dropped in for some additional food It was then back and get tea sorted where does the day go and we had a relaxed night and a brief on the weeks activities. The kids from will be busy when they arrive tomorrow as soon as they arrive they will be settled and then out for a walk before tea.

Badaguish, looking great.

I was up early next day as the two vans went back to pick up the kids from Lossiemouth, a 3 hour trip . Myself and Bernie cleaned up I got some fresh items from Aviemore, popped into Glenmore Lodge for a tea and chat and then we headed off to Coire An Lochan with Bernie. It was a lovely day a bit of wind with a spot of wind and as we broke of from the normal path we met a daughter and her Mum from Ayr, my home town. They were doing a bit of research for her University desiccation on glacier movement in the corrie. We had a great chat and it was magic to see  a Mum and her daughter working together and having a laugh. “Ayr for ner a town surpasses for honest men and bonnie lassies”

Early morning wander among the fox gloves.

I had been still rough with the cough and been up as always early and headed out at 0600 the light was perfect and what a place to be for a few days and away from the very busy Aviemore. Bernie and I wandered off the path round by the Great Slab of Lochan and then trough the moraines. There was little wildlife I had expected to see lots of chicks about but never saw any/ Maybe the wet weather previously had taken its toll? We did find a freshly killed birds bones picked clean among the rocks. The wild flowers were magnificent with the orchids and sundews, heathers etc in full view and off the path where the burns hide under rocks, the mosses and grasses were looking great. It was not that warm but we got a few hours walking with no one seen once we got away form the main path. This is a wonderful place to be even for a short wander.

Early morning sun on the wee Corbett behind Badaguish can you name it?

It was then get back get the tea on the kids had arrived and were getting ready for their wander  for a few hours into the Corries after getting sorted. We then got on with tea, Sausage and mash followed by Bernie apple and cinnamon crumble. The kids help out laying the tables and at the end with the dishes. They came back all still smiling and seemed to enjoy  the meal. Then it was a game of rounders till the midges attacked us and they had some free time. It was a busy day today maybe a bit of climbing and we will get out to see them after breakfast in all a great day.

Even with the midges!

Great to see the kids having a bit of fun and the volunteers and staff from Outfitmoray working hard to give the kids some fun and a different view on the outdoor life. I am learning very day as the kids are. As always there are great folk about you only have to open your eyes to see them.

Breakfast needs making ! Nice morning in the Cairngorms enjoy your day.


About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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