Memorials on the hills – The Beinn Eighe Memorial and others. Any views ?

Whilst I do not agree with Memorials on the hills or wild places some have been there for many years and one the Assynt Crash is a grave where the crew are buried on the mountain at 2000 feet. I along with others and the War Graves Commission have a grave that will be looked after for years to come.

The new Memorial to the Assynt Anson on Ben More Assynt – little maintenance needed and looked after by the War Graves Commission as it is a War Grave the crew are buries on site at 2000 feet.

This is a big problem as many have a memorial and it soon gets forgotten especially if it is a wild environment.   Attitudes have changed nowadays but these old sites/ memorials that are there and still mean a lot to relatives. Comments views are very welcome but please be aware there are still many relatives who feel strongly about these places.

2017 the Plaque now a bit worn and pitted – Any views?

This was the Memorial on the Beinn Eighe Propeller on the screes below the Triple Buttress. Sadly it now corroded badly needs something that will last; In my mind nothing will last in the mountain Environment. It was put up in 2001 when I was on Everest but is now getting into a state. I took a nephew up as I do every year to crash site and he was upset that memorial plaque was in a state. My thought’s now are maybe a wee memorial in stone maybe moved to the new Torridon MRT Base if they agreed when it is completed? It would  be there for all to see for future generations and would be easily accessible. Any thoughts?

The memorial in 2001 on the propeller on Beinn Eighe .

2001 –  The memorial in the propeller on Beinn Eighe .in June

Any views and donations are always welcome to Torridon Mrt for their new Base.

1956 – The late Al Grouts RAF Kinloss MRT killed rock climbing Cairn below Garbh Bheinn Ardgour.

Please remember that these places do mean a lot to the relatives even over 60 years later.

2006 Jimmy Coates at the Memorial in Ardgour.


About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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4 Responses to Memorials on the hills – The Beinn Eighe Memorial and others. Any views ?

  1. Kenny says:

    One of the largest memorials I’ve witnessed is to the 20 of B-29 Superfortress 44-62276 beneath Beinn Tharsuinn in Argyll, above Succoth Glen. Not sure if maintained but items left such as flags, plastic flowers etc eventually appear to be nothing more that litter. Not sure if I agree with impromptu private memorials i.e. “this was their favourite place” for the same issues of littering having even come across one in the Dundonnell area where unopened bottles of whisky are to be found. Conversely, should Beinn Eunaich have something to the memory of Percy Unna & the NTS? Is it wrong for Helvellyn to have a memorial to an aeroplane having been landed on its summit?
    Difficult one.

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  2. Jim Fraser says:

    There is not going to be a yes or no answer to this one, just as there is not a yes or no answer to the cairn question. It’s a judgement.
    The plaque on the propeller really needs to be in something like aluminium bronze and with appropriate fixings. Somewhere like Rosyth Dockyard or BAE Systems Maritime would be the places to go for that. It would make a good apprentice project. I feel that discretely marking this particular loss is appropriate. The same may be true for a small number of others.
    Memorials already exist at MRT bases across the country. It might be right for Mountaineering Scotland and SMR to have a discussion that turned that into a policy for mountain accident memorials.

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