Arran wander up Glen Rosa Cir Mor and Beinn Tarsuin.

I am in Arran to help raise funds for the Arran Mountain Festival and I am speaking along with two of the local lassies in Corrie Village Hall tonight at 1930, there will also be a BBQ run by the local Arran Mountain Rescue Team. The weather has been great and Arran is busy. My mate Dan Carrol is with me another Ex MRT team Leader and we are staying in Lamlash at a local ivy Bank Bed and Breakfast for a few days. We are being looked after so well by Alan and Cherie who run the it and we are being so well looked after. Thank you.

Lamlash View early morning.

We had a great breakfast the sun was out and were away early Arran was looking superb. It was then sort out the gear for a possible days climbing on the majestic Granite cliffs of Cir Mor. I took the rope plus my harness helmet etc and Dan all the protection nuts and slings add in some water and it was a heavier than usual bag and the walk in up Glen Rosa takes me about 2 hours to the cliffs. It was warm as we left Brodick and arrived in Glen Rosa. We parked the car and saw that the campsite was very quite. That should have been a warning as the weather was magic.

Glen Rosa  – Dan

We took it easy as I love this place the path is great now and in the old days we could drive up to the ford in a land rover. The walk was lovely and the path superb, I had been coming this way with my Dad’ Mum and family since I was a little boy it holds so much magic to me and memories of these hills and the river. Today it was sparkling and looking superb.

So many memories of Glen Rosa.

We had a great chat walking slowly and after an hour the sky darkened as we started to see a couple of tents near the river and three climbers. They had midge nets on and were not enjoying their situation it was soon to be the same for us. As we climbed up to the cliffs it got worse and we soon getting attacked as we walked the midges and clegs were brutal. There was no wind and a slight rain and they loved it. We battled on and were soon at our cliff but hardly stopping to enjoy the view. I told Dan that my brother and I had a wild night up here about 30 years ago when out tent got battered in a storm in November in the snow. their were no midges then.

Midge tastic!

It was an easy decision no climbing get up onto the main ridge and maybe just maybe some wind. It was so still and oppressive by now clouds were about and the midges were feasting nothing stops them there were clouds of them.

The Great cliff but not today.

It was hard work onto the ridge but still no respite, the midges were there and there was no wind. I had so wanted to climb today but not like that. We headed on past A’ Chir followed by our midges and took an easy line onto Beinn Tarsuin where we had a bit of wind and life got better. We also met Kristie and her dog Caileag powering her way up to the summit via Goatfell, Cir Mor , Beinn Trasuin and Nuis. We had a chat and it was great to meet her and seeing her running so well.

Kirstie and Dan

We had a great wander there was wind and met only a few others on the ridge the sun was back out and the views of the sea and the great Arran hills sublime. I was picking out old climbs from the past with so many companions to my Mum Dad and family over 55 years ago. We had time to enjoy these hills and despite the extra weight of ropes etc it was a smashing day.

Wild Arran

We wandered back down to Glen Rosa had a bit of midgy attack and met one of the Henry brothers who Dan recognised as they gave us access to the track many years ago. We had a chat and this is why you go to these places these people make the day and the memories.

My walks of Arran

It was then into Brodick to visit the Outdoor shop Arran Active who had some great gear and a local helpful attitude.  We then met a previous Arran Team Leader Alister Hulme and had a great chat and good to see him looking so well.

It was then back to a sunny Lamlash and a shower and eat in the local busy pub a grand meal. There were great rainbows over Holly Island and so good that the kids were playing in the sea till late and then a drink with Andy and Cherie and bed.

Today the sun is out but it will be a short wander then back for the chat. I love Arran so much even the midges.

How do you stop the midges biting?

You cover yourself in sugar?

It rots their teeth!

Michael Moulford joke or not?





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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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